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Resource Room Guidelines

Do's when visiting the Resource Room

  • Clean up after yourself. Keep the Resource Room clean for your next visit! This includes paper scraps to glue on tables to paint on countertops.
  • In order to conserve our budget and help the environment, use paper from scrap boxes first.
  • Let us know if we are low on any item. We want to make sure that we stay as stocked as possible.
  • Return all of the items that were checked out in the condition you received them or better. This way, everything will be there the next time you need it.
  • Plan Ahead. Others want to use the equipment, too. This includes sending an if you decide not to use the reserved equipment.
  • Bring transportation and assistance when picking up/returning items, especially the popcorn machine and snow-cone machine. These items are heavy.
  • Before submitting a petty cash request, check if the Resource Room already has what you are wanting to buy. 
  • Ask for help if needed when operating equipment. It is better to ask than to break the equipment.
  • Let us know if an item is not working properly. This way no one else checks it out until we get it fixed.
  • Be conservative about what you print. Pictures from the internet require more toner or ink than you think. 
  • If you want to laminate an item, submit a service request. Be conservative about what you submit for lamination. Not everything needs to be laminated.
  • Fill out an Equipment Reservation Form to check out equipment. The Resource Room Workers will notify you of the availability of the items and confirm your reservation if applicable.
  • Make comments or suggestions on how to keep our Resource Room great! – Send an email to or let one of the Resource Room staff know. If something is bothering you about the Resource Room, please let us know instead of keeping quiet about it. Chances are, someone else has the same feedback.

Do nots when visiting the Resource Room

  • Do not use our resources frivolously. Our supplies are bought by the students’ housing costs.
  • Do not remove the helium tank from the dolly. It could fall and then explode.
  • Do not try to return equipment to the DHRL front desk. They will not accept it.
  • Do not return the equipment dirty. We need it to be ready for the next person who needs it.
  • Do not laminate or print in color unnecessarily. Laminating film, toner, and ink is expensive and we only have a small budget.
  • Do not plan on parking for a long time in the visitor parking in front of DHRL when picking up or dropping off items at the Resource Room. If you get a ticket or are towed, it will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Do not take paper from the Resource Room to stock your front desk with.
  • Do not print homework or other non-work related items in the Resource Room.