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Funding Information

Funding Your Event

       Petty Cash

  • Max of $200 per request
  • No alcohol, services, on-campus purchases, gift certificates, cash prizes or awards
  • DO NOT use personal funds with the intent of future reimbursement
  • DO NOT mix personal purchases with University purchases
  • Receipt must be exact amount of purchases – NO SALES TAX included
  • Spend no more than amount approved, absolutely no more than amount disbursed
  • Do not buy items that were not originally approved
  • Receipt must have imprinted name of vendor. No receipt will be accepted without printed/stamped name of vendor
  • No receipt will be accepted that does not indicate a “cash sale” (Don’t put the purchase on your credit card and keep the cash)
  • If printed, requests should be on white, non-scrap paper and should be readable
  • Petty cash will be picked up from DHRL. You will receive an email indicating when your petty cash is available for pick up.
  • Other staff members may pick up petty cash, but their name must already be on the request.
  • No tipping
  • No renting
  • Form is on the Res Ed website.

    Petty Cash Process For Student Staff
  • Three weeks prior to the event, submit request to your RD.
  • Your RD will approve or reject the request.
  • Your RD will submit to their AD.
  • AD approves or denies and if approved prints and gives to Accountant.
  • If approved, Accountant sends you an e-mail notifying of approval and gives pick up time.
  • Cash is picked up in DHRL, along with tax exempt information and a copy of the request, which can serve as a shopping list.
  • Go shopping. Do not lose request or receipt. Do not write on receipt.
  • After event, bring the receipt and the copy of the request to your RD who will audit the receipt. (Verifies that items purchases were actually used at the event.)
  • The audited receipt, request, and change must be submitted to Accountant within 48 hours.
  • Receipts and unused cash MUST be returned within 48 hours (or on Mondays if checked out on Friday). If longer than 48 hours, your staff gets a “Petty Cash Hold.” No other staff members from your hall can check out petty cash until you return your change and receipts.
    eIDT (Electronic Interdepartmental Transfer of Funds)
  • Used for Merchandise or Services obtained from another campus resource (e.g. Campus Rec, LBJ Student Center)
  • You and Your RD will work with the department you hope to receive a service form to determine cost.
  • You will need to submit service form to RD.  Service form should include how much the service costs, and what exactly you are asking for from the department providing service.  AD will approve or deny and proved Cost and Fund numbers.
  • The department providing service will create a request for funds that will be sent to the Associate Director of Residential Life.
  • You will need to provide a roster of those that attended the program to your RD so they may submit it to the AD for payment to occur.
    PO (Purchase Order)
  • Used for purchases over $200. This includes services, travel, rentals, etc.
  • If program is going to be paid via PO, please contact your supervisor and the Admin II for Residential Education to see if they are an approved vendor.
  • Vendor agrees to send an invoice and we requisition the funds to pay the bill with a check later.
  • If a vendor is not set up with the university, they will need to complete a Vendor Maintenance Form to go through the process for approval.
  • If they are not in the system and won’t complete the Vendor Maintenance Form, you will need to consider a different vendor.
  • You will need an advanced copy of the invoice attached and submitted to your RD for review.