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Terry Scholars

Located within the Laurel Honors House, the Terry Scholars living-learning community is reserved for students who have been awarded a scholarship from the Terry Foundation.

Meet Michelle Sotolongo, Campus Coordinator for Terry Scholars

Michelle was born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and Cuban father. She was raised with one older sister in Houston. She graduated from Texas State University, Magna Cum Laude, in 2007 with a BFA in Studio Art-Metals/Jewelry, and Fashion Merchandising minor. Additionally, she completed an undergraduate Honors thesis titled What Would Jesus Wear?: the Fashioning of the Cross. Michelle has earned a Master of Arts in international studies from Texas State and her master's thesis is titled In Limbo: Bringing Stability to Undocumented Students Enrolled at Institutions of Higher Education in Central Texas. She currently resides in San Marcos and enjoys all animals (especially cats), delicious food, travel, and letting her mind get lost in new designs or research topics.

Michelle Sotolongo, Student Development Specialist- Honors College.

Out of Class Activities

The Terry Scholars enjoy a wide variety of activities including game nights, community service (canned food drives, volunteering at the Salvation Army, Bobcat Build, Adopt-A-Garden), presentations from Terry alumni, intramural sports, camping trips, the GOAL course at University Camp, various speakers, and weekly study groups.

Every year the freshmen Terry Scholars attend the Terry Banquet (for all Terry Scholars attending Texas State) and they participate in a state-wide Terry Scholars community service event (with all Terry Scholars in the state of Texas).

Taking Classes Together

For the fall 2018 semester, Terry Scholars will co-enroll in an Honors section of University Seminar 1100 (a required course).

Terry Scholars are also encouraged to enroll in other Honors courses. Please refer to the Honors College website for more information.

Terry Reunion group picture

Terry Picnic, 2016

Student Spotlight: Armando Serrano

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State?  It helped me quickly find friends by being active through multiple Terry events that were planned for us. Texas State now feels like home, and the Terrys are now my second family. It was as if I already had twelve close friends on my first day here.

What has been your favorite academic thing about the LLC thus far? I have similar classes with a lot of my friends I met here. It gives us the opportunity to study together and make sure everybody understands the material together.

What is a fun fact about you?  I am double-jointed in both of my arms.

Who is your favorite professor and why?  Professor Hale, my Business Law professor, is my favorite because she teaches us material that we can apply in real-world situations; not just on the tests. For example, just last Thursday my entire class went to the Hays County Courthouse to talk to a variety of workers, judges, and lawyers.

Terry Scholars 2014-2015