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Sound Recording Technology

students on Retama hall stairs


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Located in Retama hall, this living-learning community is for students who have been accepted to the Sound Recording Technology program. The Fire Station Studios (pictured) are located off-campus yet well within walking distance to Retama.

Faculty Advisor

head shot of Mark Erickson wearing blue shirt
Mark Erickson

Mr. Mark Erickson is the Director of Recording Arts and an Associate Professor of Music. He graduated from the University of Miami with a BM in Music Engineering Technology. After a successful experience at Houston Community College, Mr. Erickson came to Texas State to start the state's first baccalaureate program in sound recording technology. Mr. Erickson is looking forward to being advisor for the Sound Recording Technology living-learning community.

Office: Fire Station Studios 103

Phone: (512) 245-8451


Course Connections

Students in the Sound Recording Technology LLC will take several courses together each semester. This allows for study groups and a richer experience in the LLC.

Fall Semester: MU 1115 (Aural Skills I), MU 1315 (Music Theory I), and MUSP 1135 (Piano Techniques I), and US 1100 (University Seminar).

Spring Semester: MU 1116 (Aural Skills II), MU 1316 (Music Theory II), and MUSP 1136 (Piano Techniques II).

Out of Class Events

Site visits to facilities such as Gruene Records, Blue Rock Studio, and Chez Boom

Sunday recording lab study sessions

Tuesday Tunes

Dinners with faculty

students at recording studio

site visit to Chez Boom