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Sound Recording Technology

Located in Retama hall, this living-learning community is for students who have been accepted to the Sound Recording Technology program.

Home to the Sound Recording Technology program, the Fire Station Studios (pictured) are located off-campus yet well within walking distance to Retama hall.


Students in the Sound Recording Technology LLC will take several courses together each semester. This allows for study groups and a richer experience in the LLC. These courses have been selected from Texas State's general education core curriculum and they are prerequisites for advancement into upper-level courses.

Fall: Math 2417 (Pre-Calculus) and PHYS 1315 plus PHYS 1115 (General Physics I and General Physics I Lab)

Spring: MU 2313 (Introduction to Fine Arts) and PHYS 1325 plus PHYS 1125 (General Physics II and General Physics II Lab)

Student Spotlight: Jamie French

Jamie is a Sound Recording Technology major from Spring, Texas

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? It has been easier to make friends than if I would not have been in an LLC. 

How has the LLC helped you academically? It’s helped me feel more prepared in my classes and confident in my career path. I have been able to benefit from multiple group study sessions in my hall that have helped me feel more prepared for my tests. Plus, the SRT LLC has given me many opportunities to get more involved with my major and the people involved in it.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Chris Bell, because he’s been in the Recording field for quite some time and he talks with us rather than to us.

What is a fun fact about you? I started getting involved with music in my sophomore year in high school. I often get told that I look like Ed Sheeran.

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Mark Erickson is the Director of Recording Arts and an Associate Professor of Music. He graduated from the University of Miami with a BM in Music Engineering Technology. After a successful experience at Houston Community College, Mr. Erickson came to Texas State to start the state's first baccalaureate program in sound recording technology. Mr. Erickson is looking forward to being advisor for the Sound Recording Technology living-learning community.

Fire Station Studios 103, phone (512) 245-8451,

Out of Class Events

Site visit to Gruene Records
Site visit to Gruene Records

Gruene Records site visit

Blue Rock Studio site visit

Sunday recording lab study sessions

Tuesday Tunes

Dinners with faculty advisor Mark Erickson


LLC dinner at Commons dining hall

LLC dinner with faculty Mark Erickson at Commons dining hall

site visit to Gruene Records

site visit to Gruene Records

Visit to TBD Post in Austin

Learning how to mix sounds for movies and television

site visit to TBD Post in Austin

site visit to TBD Post in Austin

Recording Studio Visit
Chez Boom trip
trip to Chez Boom

trip to Chez Boom

trip to Chez Boom