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Journalism and Mass Communication

Located in Tower hall, this LLC is open to students majoring in Advertising, Digital Media Innovation, Electronic Media, Journalism, Mass Communication, or Public Relations.

Students in the LLC will enroll in four courses selected from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication undergraduate degree program.

Fall Semester: MC 1301- Introduction to Mass Communication, US 1100- University Seminar.

Spring Semester: MC 1100A- Careers in Media, MC 4381- Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media.

Student Spotlight: Dylan Knight

Dylan is an advertising major with a quirky sense of humor from Canyon, Texas

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? The LLC provided me a close-knit friend group almost immediately after moving in and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.

What has been your favorite social thing about the LLC thus far? My favorite social activity would have to be the birthday parties we have for each other. I love the sense of community we have created in such a short time. College is different from home life, yet with simple gestures like this we make the transition as easy as possible.

How has the LLC helped you academically? Over our first semester as an LLC, we have partaken in study groups once a week in the Alkek library. I have enjoyed these times to be both social and productive collectively with my peers.

What do you like about your LLC in general? Our LLC doesn’t discriminate in any way, form or fashion; which is of utmost importance to me. We all mesh and cooperate despite any type of differences that surface.

What is a fun fact about you? I am President of Tower Hall Council. Also, I'm on the Climbing team and Photography club!

Student Spotlight: Sandra Sadek

Sandra is an electronic media major from Katy, Texas

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? Joining the LLC was an amazing choice because it allowed me to meet and connect with other people who possess similar interests to me. Moving to a large campus like Texas State can be overwhelming but the LLC helps you get past that nervousness and to feel at home quickly, since you are meeting people who are going through the same things as you.

What has been your favorite social aspect of the LLC? My LLC is very close and we often get together for social events like lunch after class, going to the movies or late game nights. While most of them are impromptu, the events are always welcoming and create this homey sense that is crucial, being far from actual home. We have sort of become a family, all having each other's back. No one is ever left behind and we all want what's best for one another.

How has the LLC helped you academically? Taking classes with the LLC is great as you can always have a buddy with you in class and studying becomes a fun group activity. We all have at least one class together and try to meet once a week to have a collective study session.
What is a fun fact about you? French is actually my first language and I also write for the University Star.

LLC Advisor, Mr. Harry Bowers


A 17-year veteran of higher education, Harry Bowers is the advisor for the LLC. He serves as Assistant Director, Senior Lecturer, and Senior Academic Advisor for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mr. Bowers teaches the Careers in Media course that LLC students take during their spring semester. He lives in New Braunfels with his wife and two children, who have the same birthday two years apart!

102 Old Main/512-245-2656.

Out of Class Events

Attending the South Central Broadcasting Society conference in Fort Worth

In addition to social events such as tubing the San Marcos river, intramural volleyball, and Frisbee golf, students in the Journalism and Mass Communication LLC have enjoyed many site visits where they can see their future careers in action.

These include visits to media companies such as WOAI News 4 in San Antonio, the Austin American Statesman, San Antonio Express News, and GSD&M Advertising Agency, among many others.

The LLC participates in Mass Communication Week every October. Students from the LLC regularly attend the Mass Communication Career Fair, held twice per year and sponsored by Texas State Career Services.

The LLC always offers study sessions for the Punctuation, Usage, and Grammar (PUG) exam though the Writing Center. Every Journalism and Mass Communication major must pass the PUG before progressing in their courses.