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Laurel Honors House

Located in Laurel Hall, Laurel Honors House is open to any student (regardless of major) who has been accepted to the Honors College. Check the Honors website for details and application instructions.

Students in Laurel Honors House take the following courses together in the fall semester:

Honors University Seminar 1100 (a required course), and a 3 credit-hour or 4 credit-hour Honors course of your choice.  

Student Spotlight: Andy Gombac

Andy is a Civil Engineering Technology major from Sugar Land, Texas

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? Living in the Laurel Honors House allowed me to quickly establish a friend group amongst the other Honors students.

What has been your favorite academic thing about the LLC thus far? Being in the Honors LLC, it has been really easy to collaborate with other students who are taking the classes as me. It makes it really easy to study for tests and quizzes without having to extend myself too much.

What do you like about your LLC in general? While Laurel is a small community, it is very active. There are always people to hang out with, and the community is very welcoming. My relationships in the LLC have helped my communication with my roommate, my family, and have given me good time management skills.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Jordan Morille for Intro to Fine Arts. He was very engaging, encouraging, and very accommodating for our academic needs. He really got me interested in other Honors classes.

What is a fun fact about you? I know American Sign Language, and I am going to be an Orientation Leader this summer!

Honors House Faculty-in-Residence

Dr. Michael Burns is the faculty member-in-residence for the Laurel Honors House. He lives in a separate apartment in Laurel hall. Dr. Burns is Assistant Chair & Basic Course Director for the Department of Communication Studies. He is an avid TV watcher, Olympic fanatic, and is currently trying new restaurants in Austin and San Antonio. He loves to travel and loves to visit family and friends.

Working as a faculty in residence has made me a better professor and person. I consider myself lucky to live and learn with such amazing students in the Honors House.  I love coming home after work each day to a lobby full of smiling and energized residents; the energy is contagious and motivating. The LLC feels like a family; it never feels like a job.

Out of Class Events

Students in the Laurel Honors House have enjoyed attending Texas State theater productions, night time trips to the Texas State observatory, getting tips on the Honors thesis, the ropes course at University Camp, midnight floats on the San Marcos River, attending the Undergraduate Research Conference, Dean's List receptions, improv comedy, slam poetry, getting involved in the Honors Student Association, ultimate frisbee, and more.

fall 2017 program
fall 2017
fall 2017 football game
Dr. Burns welcome back from winter olympics

Dr. Burns welcome back from winter olympics