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Future Teachers

Located in Falls hall, this living-learning community is open to students majoring in Curriculum and Instruction, Interdisciplinary Studies, or students from any major who are seeking teacher certification.

Inaugural Future Teachers LLC, 2012

Students co-enroll in courses selected from the general education core curriculum:

Fall semester: University Seminar 1100, Communications 1310, Political Science 2310

Spring semester: Philosophy 1320, History 1310, Political Science 2320

Student Spotlight: Mason Little

Mason is an Elementary Education major from Austin

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? I made friends easier. I like the connections I have made with other LLC Future Teachers, along with the events that occur in the LLC.

What has been your favorite social event thus far? The LLC Olympics. I enjoyed working a team with my fellow peers and making fond memories.

How has the LLC helped you academically? The study groups every Tuesday. I enjoy that time because it helps make class work less difficult and working with my classmates easier.

What is a fun fact about you? I was born in Cheboksary, Russia.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Burns

Dr. Michael Burns begins his first semester as Advisor for the Future Teachers LLC in the fall of 2019.  Dr. Burns is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies.  In addition to teaching and research, he has been involved in residential life for many years, first as a faculty mentor at North Dakota State University and then as faculty-in-residence for the Honors College at Texas State.  Dr. Burns is an award-winning teacher and he facilitates trainings on instructional and classroom communication around the country.

321 Centennial Hall,, (512) 245-5472


Out of Class Events

students under the arch at the Undergraduate Academic Center

Future Teachers 2018

students under the Undergraduate Academic Center arch

Future Teachers 2018

students in front of Crockett Elementary

volunteering at Crockett Elementary

students in holiday sweaters

holiday party

students in front of chalkboard

Future Teachers 2015-2016

students and school district representatives sitting at tables

Networking Mixer with representatives from school districts

students doing Yoga


students in front of de Zavala elementary

volunteering at de Zavala elementary

group of students in front of career services office

at the Career Services office

students tug of war

Future Teachers at the annual LLC Olympics

Past activities in the Future Teachers LLC include networking mixers with representatives from Texas school districts, volunteering at local elementary schools, team building at the ropes course at University Camp in Wimberly, attending Teacher Job Fairs sponsored by the Career Services office, special events with faculty, study groups, and social events.

students in front of Falls hall with Dean O'Malley

Future Teachers with the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Michael O'Malley

Elizabeth Falls

1919 Pedagog photo of Elizabeth Falls

Elizabeth Falls was a member of the original faculty in the "Department of Education" at Southwest Texas State Normal School. The first Falls Hall opened in 1966 and was named in her honor. It had all the modern amenities, including a phone on every floor that was shared by 50 students! This residence hall was demolished in 2011 to make way for the new Performing Arts Center. Located on the western edge of campus, a new Falls Hall opened in 2014. It too has all the modern amenities, by today's standards of course.