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Located in Tower hall, this community is for students majoring in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing. Students will enroll in two courses selected from the McCoy College of Business Administration common core:

Fall semester: CIS 1323, Introduction to Microcomputer Applications; and US 1100, University Seminar.

Spring semester:  BA 2310, Business Administration, BLAW 2361, Legal Environment of Business; and Philosophy 1320, Ethics and Society.

Student Spotlight: Jordi Almeida

Jordi is an accounting major from Guymon, Oklahoma

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State?  Coming from a different state, I did not know anyone when I first arrived. However, now I have met the majority of people in the Business LLC. Whether in class or in the dorm, you are able to find people you can connect with on a more personal level, and that helps make Texas State feel like home.

What has been your favorite activity thus far? The LLC Olympics. All of the learning communities competed against each other which helped me form bonds with people from other learning communities.

How has the LLC helped you academically? The immense accessibility for help. The LLC takes BLAW and US 1100 together, so Instead of having to meet at the library or somewhere outside of the residence hall to study with someone, I can simply knock on any of my neighbors' door to ask them if they want to study for a class. Even if we are not in the same class together, we help and encourage each other to be better academically.

What is a fun fact about you? I ran a sole proprietorship while in high school.

Student Spotlight: April Mendoza

April is a business managment major from Austin

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? Simply by having such great people around. Everyone is very supportive and they are always willing to help me with school work or any problems that may arise.

What has been your favorite social activity thus far? The Murder Mystery Halloween party. We got to escape our stress and come together as friends for a while. Even though we weren’t the best at the game, I know we all truly enjoyed it.

How has the LLC helped you academically? I like how supportive my LLC is, even in during tough times (like weeks with multiple tests). My fellow residents are always there to motivate me to finish my work or even help me with it in any way they can.

Who is your favorite professor? Marsha Burney, who is my communications professor. She keeps lectures interesting and really knows how to present her information in a way easy to understand while keeping it fun all at the same time.

Gina Escamilla, LLC Advisor

Gina Escamilla

Hello, I'm one of the advisors for the Business Living-Learning Community!  The BLC is a unique experience that allows students to fully engage in an assortment of exciting professional development and networking opportunities. It’s a great way to begin building working relationships with peers and leadership mentors that you will be able to reach out to and collaborate with both in and out of the classroom. By becoming a part of the BLC, you are sure to gain knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in any of your future endeavors!  I look forward to meeting you!

Academic Advisor, McCoy College Advising Center

McCoy College of Business Administration


Julie Zehnpfennig, LLC Advisor

Hi there! The Business Living-Learning Community provides a wonderful opportunity for active student engagement in the Texas State and McCoy College Community from the moment freshmen first arrive on campus. BLC students receive mentorship from faculty, staff, and peers. They benefit from career preparation, networking, and team-building opportunities uniquely aligned with their needs and interests. Participation in the BLC creates a strong foundation for college success that translates well beyond freshman year. I'm looking forward to serving as one of the advisors for the BLC and to meeting you!

Academic Advisor I, McCoy College Academic Advising

McCoy College of Business Administration


Business LLC at the annual LLC Olympics, September 2017

Out of Class Events

Traditional activities include a ropes course at University Camp, the etiquette dinner at Embassy Suites (part of Business Leadership Week), Job Search Bootcamp (sponsored by Career Services), a tour of McCoy Corporate Headquarters, visits from local business owners, Dress for Success!, and completion of a business portfolio.