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Located in Retama hall, this living-learning community is for students who have been accepted to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Acting program. The Department of Theatre and Dance is a short walk from Retama.

students in front of porch swing at Retama hall

2018-2019 LLC

students on porch swing in front of Retama hall

Spring 2019

students in front of Retama hall

2017-2018 LLC

actors on the set
students in Retama lobby at event featuring Laura Hall

Event- Laura Hall from "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

Course Connections

Students in the Acting LLC will enroll in the following courses together:

Fall: TH 1350, Introduction to Theatrical Design; TH 2111, Theatre Activities; and US 1100, University Seminar.

Spring: TH 1365, Intermediate Acting; TH 1354, Movement I; and TH 2345, Experiencing Speech.

Student Spotlight

Marisa Mendoza

Marisa is an Acting major from Dallas

I have loved being part of the BFA Acting LLC at Retama this year! It was great to have friends around who could help me study or run lines or workshop different pieces. Not only did I have the opportunity to make great friends and get closer to my ensemble, I also got to be a part of an amazing support system that has truly made my freshmen year a success. I feel very lucky to have been a part of this community and grateful for all the fun memories I got to have in Retama.

Aaliyah Ward

Aaliyah is an Acting major from San Antonio

Being part of the BFA Acting LLC at Retama hall is something I don’t think I could have gone without my freshman year. Living in one space with your Acting family really made Texas State seem more like home. Anytime I wanted someone to talk to I could just walk over to their door and knock. There’s always someone to hang out with and everyone in the building is super nice and supportive, even outside of the LLC. Living here has been such a privilege that I knew to never take for-granted. I’ve made so many incredible memories here and I’d love to do it all over again.

Jackson Cosgrove

Jackson is an Acting major from Prosper, Texas

The Acting LLC has provided what feels like a second family. There is always someone that I can hang out with, yet there is also space to be alone if I need to be. I've enjoyed cooking in the Retama main lobby with the rest of the LLC members and I've appreciated having someone in the same classes and community to turn to. My favorite professor is Neil Patrick Stewart because every time I am in his class, I am challenging my preconceived ideas about acting.