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Tower Hall

Tower Hall Exterior
Tower Hall Exterior

A portion of Tower Hall is dedicated to the Business Living-Learning Community, Journalism & Mass Communication Living-Learning CommunityPre-Med/Pre-Dental Living-Learning Community and Psychology Living-Learning Community. Residents accepted into these programs are assigned to various sections of Tower Hall and benefit from frequent study groups and special events associated with their declared majors. 

Tower Hall is an Adjoining Suite hall where rooms share a connected bathroom.

 Hall Staff
 101 West Woods St
San Marcos, TX 78666
 Opened 1971

Quick View

 434 Beds
  Single Gender by Suite
 9 Floors
 Multiple LLCs
 Attached Parking Garage
  WiFi Throughout


Provided Furniture

Standard Twin Bed
(76" Mattress)

Desk and Desk Chair


Loftable Bed



Pool and Ping-Pong Tables

Lobby and Study Lounge

Full Community Kitchen

WiFi Internet
Connection in Room

2nd Floor Lounge and
Outdoor Patio


Special Features

Living-Learning Communities

Movable Furniture


Room Specs

Bedroom Size:
9' x 12'

Window Size:
32" x 35"

Floor Plan



L: 76"
W: 35"
D: 6"
Storage Under Bed: 24"


4 Power Outlets
1 Cable Port
2 Ethernet Ports


3 Drawers
H: 30"
W: 29.5"
D: 24"


2 Vanities
1 Toilet
1 Shower with
   Sliding Glass Door


H: 30"
W: 42"
D: 24"



H: 72"
W: 41"
D: 24"
From Hanging Rod to Floor: 51.5"

History of Tower

Tower Hall is aptly named for it is a nine-story high-rise that overlooks the campus—it was originally opened for upperclass women students and was known as the Women's Residence Tower.