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Sterry Hall

Sterry Hall Exterior

Sterry Hall is a traditional hall with community bathrooms on each floor. It is located in the south part of campus adjacent to a green space called Concho Mall, where students can relax and hang out.

Sterry Hall is a Traditional Hall where rooms share a hallway bathroom.


  Hall Staff

  409 N. Edward Gary St.
    San Marcos, TX 78666
  Opened 1969

 Quick View

  371 Beds
   Single Gender by Floor
  4 Floors
  WiFi Throughout
  No Elevator Access

 Located Near

 Performing Arts Center
 San Marcos Downtown

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Provided Furniture

Standard Twin Bed
(76" Mattress)

Desk and Desk Chair




Pool and Ping-Pong Tables

Lobby and Study Lounge

Full Community Kitchen

WiFi Internet
Connection in Room


Special Features

Desk Lamp Provided

Mirror Provided

Temperature Controls

Laundry on Basement Floor


Room Specs

Bedroom Size:
16' x 16'

Window Size:
60" x 60"

Floor Plan

 Beds in Sterry Hall are not loftable.



L: 76"
W: 36"
D: 6"
Storage Under Bed: 15"


H: 70"
W: 37"
D: 21"
From Hanging Rod to Floor: 58"
Shelf Above: H: 11", W: 35", D: 17"

Dresser (Built-In)

5 Drawers
H: 41"
W: 33"
D: 21"


2 Power Outlets
1 Cable Port
2 Phone Ports
2 Ethernet Ports

Desk (Built-In)

H: 30"
W: 36"
D: 30"


2 Bathrooms (per floor)
8 Vanities
6 Toilets
5 Showers

Shelves (Built-In)

4 Shelves
W: 26"
D: 10"

History of Sterry

Sterry Hall is named for Martha Elizabeth Sterry, who served as an Associate Professor of Geography. The Faculty and Senate of Southwest Texas State College in 1966 decided to honor the professor by naming the next women’s hall in her name. Professor Sterry is best remembered for conducting summer field trips to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii, and allowing students to travel by bus.

Exterior photo of Sterry Hall