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San Marcos Hall

San Marcos Hall Exterior

San Marcos Hall, located on the western part of campus, offers private bedroom and double occupancy suite-style rooms. Two to four students are assigned per suite. 

San Marcos Hall is a Super Suite Hall, with a shared bathroom contained within the suite and includes a separate common area.

  Hall Staff

  703 Academy St.
    San Marcos, TX 78666
  Opened 2002

 Quick View

  417 Beds
   Single Gender by Suite
  Furnished Common Area
  In-Room Kitchenette
  WiFi Throughout
  No Elevator Access


Provided Furniture

Single Bedroom: Full-size Bed

Double Bedroom:
Standard Twin Bed
(76" Mattress)

Desk and Desk Chair


Couch, Chair,
Tables, and TV Stand

Sink, Cupboard, and Cabinets



Pool Table

Lounge on Each Floor

Full Community Kitchen

WiFi Internet
Connection in Room

In-Suite Common Area

Theatre Room

Laundry Room


Special Features

Kitchenette in Suite

Carpeted Bedroom

7 Shelves in Common Area


Room Specs

Single Bedroom Size:
9' x 9'

Double Bedroom Size:
15' x 16'

Common Area Size:
11' x 13'

Window Size:
40" x 55"

Download a PDF
of Floor Plan

We will no longer provide a mini-refrigerator or microwave in San Marcos Hall starting Fall 2020/Spring 2021.


Bed (Full Size)

L: 76"
W: 52"
D: 6"
Storage Under Bed: 17"


H: 79"
W: 65"
D: 28"
Mirrored Sliding Door

Bed (Twin Size)

L: 76"
W: 35"
D: 6"
Storage Under Bed: 15"

Outlets in Room

3 Power Outlets
1 Cable Port
1 Phone Port
1 Ethernet Port


3 Drawers
H: 32"
W: 29.5"
D: 24"


2 Vanities
1 Toilet
1 Shower with Curtain


H: 32"
W: 42"
D: 24"

Common Area

L: 156"
W: 136"
147 sq. ft.
6 Power Outlets
1 Cable Port
1 Ethernet Port

History of San Marcos Hall

San Marcos Hall is named in honor of the city and the river. Archeological evidence proves that the San Marcos River has been the site of human habitation for more than 10,000 years. This discovery on the banks of the San Marcos River, suggests that this area is among the oldest, continuously inhabited spaces in the Northern Hemisphere.

Exterior photo of San Marcos Hall