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San Gabriel Hall

San Gabriel Exterior

San Gabriel Hall opened its doors to student residents in the Fall of 2016. 

San Gabriel and Angelina complex consists of 2 residence halls and a community building.

San Gabriel Hall is a New Traditional hall, with four to six pods per floor at eight to ten residents per pod, who share a keyed multi-bathroom. 

  Hall Staff

  951 Moore St.
    San Marcos, TX 78666
  Opened Fall 2016

 Quick View

  318 Beds
   Single Gender by Floor
  Handicapped Accessible
  WiFi Throughout
  Elevator Access

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Provided Furniture

Extra-Long Twin Bed 
(80" Mattress)

Desk and Desk Chair

Lockable Pedestal


Loftable Bed



Pool and Ping-Pong Tables


Lobby and Study Lounge

Full Community Kitchen

WiFi Internet
Connection in Room


Conference /
Multi-Purpose Room

Elevator Access


Special Features

Temperature Controls

Light Dimmers

Towel Racks

1 Outlet in the Closet

Laundry on 2nd Floor


Room Specs

Double Bedroom Size:
15' 8" x 15' 8"

Single Bedroom Size:
15' 8" x 10' 11"

Window Size:
5' 4" x 6'

Download a PDF
of Floor Plan



L: 80"
W: 35"
D: 6"
Loftable at Highest: 59"
Loftable at Lowest: 29"


4 Shelves
3 Hanging Areas
H: 83"
W: 72"
D: 18"
From Hanging Rod to Floor: 77"


3 Drawers
H: 30"
W: 29.5"
D: 24"

Usable Space
Excluding Closet

L: 183"
W: 104"
From Window to Floor: 41"


H: 30"
W: 26"
D: 24"



4 Power Outlets (per student)
1 Ethernet Port
1 Cable Port

Lockable Pedestal

H: 30"
W: 17"
D: 24"



3 Vanities
2 Toilets
2 Showers

History of San Gabriel

San Gabriel Hall is named after the river of the same name. The San Gabriel River flows through central Texas. The San Gabriel River is formed in Georgetown, Texas by the confluence of the North Fork San Gabriel and the South Fork San Gabriel, both of which originate in Burnet County.

Image of the exterior of San Gabriel Hall.