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Gaillardia Hall Staff

Photo of Gaillardia Hall Staff

Gaillardia Hall Staff 2019-2020: (left to right) back row: Denys Ware, Kent Kenyon, Andy Gombac; second row: Dr. Iván Ojeda-Ruiz (Faculty-in-Residence), Jonathan Chica, Shelby Snead, Linda Etufugh; first row: Daniel Smith, Sarah Gomez, Annika Lopez, Lexa Kung, Liz Diaz, Amy Rodriguez (Residence Director).

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302 Student Center Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666



Amy Rodriguez - RD for Gaillardia

Amy Rodriguez

Residence Director

Amy's Biography

I was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to Miami, Florida, when I was 5 years old. I was raised in a city called Hialeah, Florida, which is one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities in the country. I attended Florida International University for undergraduate and graduate school where I earned a Masters in Higher Education Administration. For the past two years I have lived in San Marcos, Texas, and worked at Texas State; so far it has been an amazing experience. I am the youngest of 7 siblings, I like to play sports, board games, watch movies and travel.

Dr. Iván Ojeda-Ruiz - Faculty-in-Residence for Gaillardia

Dr. Iván Ojeda-Ruiz


Dr. Ojeda's Biography

Dr. Iván Ojeda-Ruiz is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Texas State University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Numerical Linear Algebra from the University of Texas at Arlington and his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras. Additionally, Dr. Ojeda serves as a faculty-in-residence for the STEM LLC and teaches calculus track courses (MATH 2417, MATH 2471, MATH 2472) in which many LLC students enroll. He has done research as an undergraduate student in many different STEM fields such as geometry, experimental mathematics, number theory, group theory, human-computer interaction, and chemistry. A fun fact is that Dr. Ojeda loves to dance and likes to compete at video games tournaments.