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Residential College: Brogdon and Beretta Hall Staff

Exterior of Brogdon Hall

Brogdon Hall

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Beretta Hall

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607 N. Edward Gary St.
San Marcos, TX 78666



Residence Director for Brogdon and Beretta Halls

Adam Littleton

Residence Director

Adam's Biography

Hello! My name is Adam and I am the Residence Director for Residential College, Beretta and Brogdon Halls. I graduated from St. Edward's University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and received my master's degree in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University. I love working with students and aiding in their development while in college. I am happy to talk to you about anything and answer any questions you may have. When I'm not working, I'm a big fan of playing video games, reading, and getting too invested in reality cooking competitions. Feel free to reach out and say hello—I look forward to meeting you!


Daris Hale - Faculty-in-Residence for Brogdon and Beretta Hall

Daris Hale


Daris's Biography


I am Daris Hale, professor, performer, mom, and cheerleader for amazing people (you!).  Here at Texas State University, I teach music performance and Intro to Fine Arts (MU2313).  As a professional musician I tour internationally with Trio 488, working on collaborative projects with composers from around the world.  I am also a member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Austin Orchestra, as well as a studio musician having played bassoon on many different commercials and film scores, such as Spy Kids II.  


really love teaching MU2313, Intro to Fine Arts. For me, introducing college students to the arts is something that I find incredibly rewarding--even when some students are not completely open and receptive to disciplines outside of their major.  I just consider it as inspiration to create a more ‘engaging’ version of the course (think clickbait).  So, regardless of which fine art we are disrobing, it is always good to buff one's knowledge and to bare exposure to uncovered art works. New ideas, discussion of controversial topics, as well as building student agency will collectively lead to students making significant contributions to society, regardless of a student's major or career path.  My passion for teaching fine arts has also led me to create an incredible study abroad program to the beautiful cities of London and Paris (occurring between the spring and summer semesters, if you are interested contact me--it will change your life in the most amazing ways).  


extraordinarily excited to be Faculty-in-Residence for Residential College.  Teaching young adults has always been a passion, but engaging our Bobcat society in even more substantial ways that adds to the vibrancy of our intellectual community is a truly enriching opportunity.  


work here, I live here!  Find me in the faculty apartment in Brodgon Hall with my husband, Tom, my son, Sam and our dog, Gweedy (aka Guido).  My daughter, Daryl, is a freshman at the University of Utah, majoring in Musical Theater.