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Brogdon Hall

Brogdon Hall Exterior

Brogdon Hall is a traditional hall with community bathrooms on each floor. Brogdon Hall houses Residential College, a Living-Learning Community, where students enroll in core-level courses together.

Brogdon Hall is a Traditional Hall where rooms share a hallway bathroom.

 You must be accepted into the Residential College Living-Learning Community to live in Brogdon Hall.

  Hall Staff
  607 N. Edward Gary St.
San Marcos, TX 78666
  Opened 1951

Quick View

  115 Beds
   Single Gender by Floor
  4 Floors
  Residential College LLC
  WiFi Throughout
  Elevator Access

 Located Near

The Quad
Commons Dining Hall
Evans Auditorium

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Provided Furniture

Extra-Long Twin Bed
(80" Mattress)

Desk and Desk Chair


Loftable Bed



Pool and Ping-Pong Tables

Lobby and Study Lounge

Full Community Kitchen

WiFi Internet
Connection in Room

Elevator Access


Special Features

Temperature Controls

AC Unit in Room

Full Kitchen on 1st Floor

Entrance on 2nd Floor


Room Specs

Bedroom Size:
10' x 14'

Window Size:
54" x 63"

Floor Plan



L: 80"
W: 35"
D: 6"
Loftable at Highest: 59"
Loftable at Lowest: 29"


3 Power Outlets (per student)
1 Cable Port
1 Ethernet Port


3 Drawers
H: 30"
W: 29.5"
D: 24"


3 Vanities
2 Toilets
2 Showers


H: 30"
W: 26"
D: 24"


H: 80"
W: 83"
D: 32"
From Hanging Rod to Floor: 65"

History of Brogdon

Brogdon Hall is named for Mary C. Brogdon, the college’s first Dean of Women. Serving for twenty-six years as the Dean, Brogdon oversaw the affairs of women on campus, taught English courses and orientation to freshmen. Retiring in 1949, Brogdon received numerous accolades, including the dedication of the Pedagog.