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Your Housing Contract ends 24-hours after your last final exam in May.

You will need to complete a proper check-out with your RA.

Residents who have legitimate reasons for staying in their hall past their last exam should send an e-mail request to their RD with their name, room number, student ID number, and specific reason for needing to stay longer. You will be notified if approved or if not approved.

Schedule A Check-Out

You will need to go to your hall's front desk to sign up for a date and time to check out.

Your RAs are taking finals as well, so please be on time and ready for your appointment.

Your Room Must Be Clean

This means the floor swept, furniture wiped off, and all trash removed or you will be assessed a cleaning charge.


If there is trash piled up in the hallway or elsewhere in the building, we may stop check-outs. Everyone is responsible for taking all their trash and unwanted items to the dumpster outside. We have extra trash bags at the desk if you need one.

All trash must be taken to the dumpster. It must not be left in the hallways or study rooms, kitchen, etc.

Recycle Appliances

Small appliances, such as fridges, can be dropped off at Green Guy Recycling for a $5.00 fee. They CANNOT be placed in dumpsters or trash compactors. Green Guy Recycling is located at 937 Highway 80, San Marcos, TX.


If you do not want to take your fish home, please do not flush them or take them to the river—either step will result in a negative impact on the river ecosystem and could result in the native river species being destroyed. Instead, you can take your fish to the San Marcos Discovery Center (located at 430 Riverside Drive).

Got 3M Command Strips?

If you used command strips to hang items, DO NOT REMOVE THEM, let us do that for you. If you remove them and cause damage, you may be charged $25 per spot/area of damage.


Make sure to check your mailbox and update your forwarding address in the Housing Portal before you leave. Contact your friends, family, and creditors to change your address with them as well so that mail will reach you in a timely manner. Mail is forwarded for 30 days only.

Additional Important Information

 Un-bunk/loft your beds and return ALL furniture to its original position, the beds should be in the lower position, not raised. Ask your roommate or a friend to help as this is easier with two people. If you have the black lofts you must make sure all of the wooden pieces are present or you will be charged for the missing furniture. Return bunk pins to your RA.

 Leave the blinds drawn down with the slats closed.

If you fail to check out with an RA, the improper check-out fee is $150.00