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Administrative Staff

Dr. Rosanne Proite

Director of Department of Housing and Residential Life


As Director of the Department of Housing and Residential Life, Dr. Rosanne Proite, oversees the overall function of the department including strategic planning, staffing and administrative direction.

Meredith Brown, Administrative Assistant to Director

Margaret Yackel, Coordinator for Off-Campus Living

Weston Warner, Student Development Specialist II

Housing Administrative Services

Dr. John Lowney

Assistant Director, Housing Administrative Services


Dr. John Lowney oversees the Housing Administrative Services area which is responsible for hall contracts, room assignments, hall pre-payments and billing, and cancellation and exemptions. This area is also responsible for departmental publications and marketing.

Jason O'Neill, Assignments Coordinator

Lisa Doherty, Administrative Assistant

Melissa Johnson, Marketing Coordinator

Nikole Smith, Administrative Assistant

Rita Cerda, Administrative Assistant

Viviana Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant

Housing Business Services

TBA, Business Manager

Scharla Stengler, HR Coordinator

James Sablic, Accountant

Terri Tresner, Accountant

Housing Facilities Services

Kyle Estes

Associate Director, Housing Facilities Services


Kyle Estes oversees Housing Facilities Services which primarily focuses on maintenance, custodial, furnishings and life safety issues, as well as new construction and renovation efforts. 

C.J. Hall, Construction Control Clerk

Cynthia Agold, Inventory Control Clerk II​​​​​​​

Debra Smith, Head Inventory Clerk​​​​​​​

Jessica Rodriguez, Procurement Specialist

John Doria, Custodial Supervisor

John Holcomb, Maintenance Supervisor

Lisa Marie Martinez, Facilities Coordinator​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Richard Medina, Assistant Director

Steven Schmidt, Computer Support Specialist

Terri Kunkel, Administrative Assistant

Residential Life and Education

Herb Jones

Associate Director, Residential Life and Education


Herb Jones oversees this area which focuses on hall governments, programming, residential college, judicial hearings, hall staff selection, staff training, supervision of live-in student and full-time staff, and summer camps and conferences.

Barbara Shen, Administrative Assistant

Ben Underwood, Summer Camps and Conferences Coordinator

Eli Trenado, Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Jayne McKenzie, Administrative Assistant

Nina Pereira, Assistant Director for Professional Staff Selection and Training

Pam Jacobs, Assistant Director for Student Conduct

Raechel Kepner, Assistant Director for Student Staff Training

Ted Ingwersen, Assistant Director for Living-Learning Communities