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Position Description

Resident Assistant Job Description

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff member of Housing and Residential Life who assumes major responsibilities in a residence hall for developing an environment conducive to comfortable living, academic excellence, and personal growth. Living-Learning Community (LLC) RAs additionally assume responsibilities for a specialized community designed with a particular focus.

The following expectations specify the major responsibilities of the Resident Assistant position.


Essential Functions

The essential functions/fundamental responsibilities for the RA position include the ability to:

  • Communicate effectively in person with students, staff and visitors
    • Provide and receive oral/verbal direction and support during emergency situations
    • answer an on-duty mobile telephone and respond to maintenance, custodial and emergency situations
    • Answer a multi0line telephone system, take detailed and concise messages/transfer calls to the appropriate party in a timely fashion
    • Hold 1-1 conversations with residents to provide guidance and support
    • Lead small and large group meetings
    • Assist with tour groups on Bobcat Days
  • Ascend and descend multiple flights of stairs to complete on-duty rounds and security checks; physically able to move quickly through congested crowd situations
  • Observe, troubleshoot, and report facilities maintenance problems
  • Prepare written documents and complete forms.
  • Navigate complex filing system in order to file confidential information
  • Lift and carry items up to 20 pounds for a distance up to 200 feet


Primary Responsibilities

To the Residence Director:

  • Carry out all administrative, on-call/duty, and front desk/mail room responsibilities as outlined by your RD
  • Suggest and assist with projects contributing to the residence hall community
  • Inform RD of any events or conditions that could potentially affect a resident, a floor, a hall, or the University
  • Serve as a communication link between residents and staff
  • Assess areas needing improvement in the building each night
  • Clear any overnight time away from the building through the RD

To the Residents:

  • Know residents in the assigned area of responsibility
  • Be aware of resident needs and assist them in meeting those needs
  • Be available to residents, interact with them daily and assist in their adjustment to Texas State
  • Refer students to other appropriate personnel
  • RAs work in a diverse and inclusive environment and are expected to create an experience where all members of the community are respected and individuals are appreciated and valued for the differences they bring to enrich the inclusive community
  • RAs are responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and support of a positive, healthy, living learning environment in the residence halls consistent with the educational mission of the university, the goals of the DHRL and the Bobcat Residential Experience

To Other Staff:

  • Assume a fair share of both individual and group responsibility
  • Cultivate an effective working relationship with all members of staff
  • Keep lines of communication open between staff members
  • Maintain a comfortable, safe, and non-threatening atmosphere in which to work
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Support other RAs
  • Be friendly and cooperative to other personnel and appreciate their efforts
  • Be familiar with the roles and responsibilities assumed by other University personnel
  • Understand the role Resident Assistants assume as part of DHRL and establish effective working relationships with all DHRL personnel

For Other Commitments:

  • First Year RAs:
    • May not hold an additional paid position (on or off campus)
    • Combined Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular hours may not exceed 10 hours per week
  • Second Year RAs (completed two-long semesters):
    • May hold an additional on-campus paid position if it is a Task Position and does not exceed 5 hours per week
    • May hold an off campus paid position if it does not exceed 10 hours per week
    • Co-Curricular, extra-curricular and additional employment hours may not exceed a combined total hours of 15 hours per week
    • RAs are limited/restricted to one additional paid job
  • As reflected in the Resident Assistant Work Agreement, Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular and/or an additional paid job must not interfere/conflict with the RA mandatory training and orientation program, Opening/Closing, In-Service, Staff Meetings, On-Call/Duty or Front Desk/Mail room shifts
  • All Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular and/or Compensated Position must be approved by the Residence Hall Director and Assistant Director by the RA completing and submitting the “Commitment In Addition to the RA Position” supplemental employment document

For Administrative and Office Procedures:

  • Work 6-8 hours at the front desk of assigned hall
  • Be familiar with all phases of hall and office operations
  • Fulfill office duty and on-call duty responsibilities whenever assigned
  • Assist in maintaining hall security and safety
  • Return early for training/hall-opening and remain for hall closing at breaks and until the hall closes after the last scheduled graduation

 For Discipline:

  • Know and understand policies and procedures as they relate to residents and emergencies
  • Role model appropriate conduct expected in the hall
  • Ensure problems or potential problems are addressed immediately and refer as necessary
  • Assist students with co-enrollment processes

For Peer Counseling:

  • Recognize that RAs are not professional counselors
  • Be a good listener, receptive and sensitive to residents when approached for assistance
  • Provide accurate information and referral to students who need further assistance
  • Aid residents in problem solving
  • Respect the confidential nature of the peer counseling role while also realizing it is necessary to share information with your supervisor

For Residential Curriculum:

  • Work in conjunction with your RD and hall staff to implement the Bobcat Residential Experience in your hall. This will include one-on-one interaction with residents and a community development plan for the coming year
  • With residents, create a community agreement
  • Roommate/suitemate agreements completed within RD’s given timeline
  • Perform Bobcat Chats (resident conversations 2x a semester)
  • Encourage residents to participate in hall and campus program activities

For Maintenance and Custodial:

  • Maintain an active, positive and respectful relationship with other staff, such as facilities, custodians, dining services, desk assistants and night cat desk assistants
  • Teach residents how to report custodial and maintenance concerns
  • Emphasize the residents’ role in maintaining community living.
  • Regularly inspect hall public areas and complete the appropriate reports
  • Help investigate and follow up on residence hall damage.
  • Complete Room Condition Forms at hall opening and closing and whenever students move in or out of a room
  • Report maintenance work needed in public areas
  • Report damage or theft of University property to the RD
  • Assist in the follow up on damage of residence hall property

For Professional Development:

  • Resident Assistants shall participate in all mandatory orientation, training, in-service and staff meetings/development events, including but not limited to August training, weekly staff meetings and January training
  • Attendance is required for all in-service and staff meetings to be held from 6pm to 10pm each Monday of the semester. In-service participation may involve reading before each session, presentations, and group work by all RAs. Although we make every effort to avoid changing a staff’s meeting time, there are occasionally circumstances which require this to be rescheduled
  • During the opening, closing, mandatory August & January training and orientation program, Resident Assistants may not work at any employment position outside of the Resident Assistant position
  • Other duties as assigned

For Professionalism:

  • Convey a positive attitude toward the RA position and its duties and responsibilities
  • Act as a positive role model both for fellow staff members and residents by not participating in questionable or unethical behavior
  • Refrain from gossip, complaining and negative comments about residents, the RA position, DHRL and other staff members.
  • Use the appropriate channels to voice your concerns or suggestions regarding DHRL policies and procedures
  • Take pride in your work, as it is a reflection not only of you but of your staff, DHRL, and Texas State
  • Maintain confidentiality and manage confidential information appropriately


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Resident Assistants are responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and support of a positive, healthy, living learning environment in the residence halls consistent with the educational mission of the university, the goals of the DHRL and the Bobcat Residential Experience
  • RAs are expected to commit at least one full academic year to the Resident Assistant Position
  • RAs will serve in an on-call rotation various evening and weekends through the semester
  • Actively participate in the recruitment and selection of Housing & Residential life staff


Requirements (Qualifications)

As a member of the Housing and Residential Life Staff, the Resident Assistant is part of a team and must establish effective working relationships with other University personnel.

The Resident Assistant must have at the time of hire and maintain the following requirements:

  • An Overall Texas State GPA of 2.5 or higher and a minimum semester GPA of 2.5
    Pass a Texas Department of Public Safety Background Check
  • 15 completed college credits by time of appointment
  • Minimum of one semester of residence hall living experience (or equivalent) by time of appointment
  • No current or pending disciplinary sanctions
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Texas State (at least 12 hours and no more than 18 without special approval from supervisor)
  • Prior to or during the first semester of employment RAs must successfully complete the required 7-week (non-credit bearing) seminar.



Where Bobcats Grow, Lead, Inspire, Live.


The Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) provides welcoming inclusive living communities for our diverse student population that foster academic success, campus engagement, and personal development.


The Department of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University is committed to creating and sustaining a welcoming, inclusive, and socially-just community that values, respects, celebrates, and advocates for all individuals.

As a department, we embrace a culture of care by empowering individuals' voices and valuing the diversity of our social identities.

We acknowledge that individually, and as a department, we are constantly learning and moving towards intellectual, social, and emotional growth through our processes, facilities, dialogue, and interactions with one another.

In an effort to break down systems of inequity, we will address incidents of bias and intolerance in accordance with Texas State University's Non-Discrimination Policy, UPPS No. 04.04.46.

Living-Learning Community RA Positions

For 2020-2021, the Department of Housing and Residential Life will have 14 Living-Learning Community (LLC) RA positions. Students in LLCs live together on the same floor, wing, or sometimes in the entire residence hall. They take classes together and agree to participate in a co-curricular experience. Faculty and staff members are involved in each LLC and play a role in the activities that happen.

LLC RAs have some expectations that differ from our regular RA position. LLC RAs earn a slightly higher monthly stipend ($125) than traditional RAs.

LLC RA’s are expected to program with a greater focus on academic and career-related topics within the Residential Curriculum expectations. There are a few more meetings involved, ensuring that all stakeholders in the community are engaged. Below is an overview of our positions and communities. For the most part, in order to apply for these positions, you must be in that specific major.  When you complete your application, be sure to acknowledge that you are interested in an LLC, where appropriate.

LLC RA expectations in addition to traditional RA expectations:

  • Attend a modified RA training schedule that starts a day earlier;
  • Communicate with faculty and staff representing the corresponding academic department;
  • LLC RAs: In consultation with the RD, GA, and involved faculty, develop an LLC Bobcat Residential Experience (BRE) calendar of events at the beginning of each semester and distribute to residents. Four learning outcomes have been identified for the LLC portion of the BRE which define what we want every LLC resident to experience and drive the types of educational outreach that we plan. They are: (1) Academic Support, (2) Faculty and Staff Engagement, (3) Team Building, and (4) Career Exploration. In consultation with the RD, GA, and involved faculty, the LLC RA will utilize educational strategies that fall under these four outcomes to design outstanding out-of-class learning opportunities appropriate for the community;
  • Design outstanding out of class activities appropriate for the living-learning community;
  • Regularly communicate with faculty and intentionally involve faculty in LLC life;
  • Create regular study groups based on course co-enrollment when a Study Group Facilitator is not available;
  • Assist students in getting academic advising when necessary;
  • Assist students with co-enrollment processes;
  • Monitor & encourage resident attendance at educational strategies;
  • Enforce co-curricular agreement when necessary;
  • Include the specified LLC component within their two Bobcat Chats per semester;
  • LLC RAs reports directly to the Residence Director (RD) of their assigned residence hall
    • Some LLC RAs will report to the Graduate Assistant (GA) for LLCs, who is responsible for coordinating the LLC Bobcat Residential Experience.
    • LLC RAs work closely with the designated Faculty-in-Residence or Faculty Advisor for the LLC.

Q: Since there is more work involved, why would I want to be an LLC RA?

A: In job interviews, you will be able to say you intentionally sought out more responsibility because of your passion for (insert the theme of your LLC).

A: You will work closely with faculty who are vital members of your community

A: You will be the leader of a focused and vibrant community of residents.


"Communication plays a key role in creating a strong sense of community within the residence hall. Without effective communication, it’s difficult to learn about where our residents are coming from and how to best support them during their first year of college."

-Natalie Quintero-Flores, Laurel Hall

LLC # of Beds Location # of RAs RA Major Required GPA Required
Acting 15 Retama 1 BA in Theatre, BFATheatre - Acting; BFA Musical Theatre; BFA Theatre - Technical Production; BFA Theatre - All Level Teacher Cert.; BFA Theatre - Performance and Production. 2.5 sem. overall
Acting and Musical Theatre 30 Retama 1 BA in Theatre, BFATheatre - Acting; BFA Musical Theatre; BFA Theatre - Technical Production; BFA Theatre - All Level Teacher Cert.; BFA Theatre - Performance and Production. 2.5 sem. overall
Business 60 Tower 2 Admitted to McCoy College of Business. Accounting, CIS, Finance & Economics, Management, Marketing. 2.5 sem. overall
Future Teachers 50 Falls 2 Admitted to Teacher Prep Program through Office of Educator Prep. Curriculum & Instruction or Interdisciplinary Studies. 2.75 sem. overall
Journalism and Mass Communication 32 Tower 1 Admitted to School of Journalism and Mass Comm. Advertising, Digital, Electronic, or Multimedia, Jlsm., Mass Comm., Public Relations. 2.5 sem. overall
Laurel Honors House 118 Laurel 4 Any Major. *Experience in Honors coursework and willingness to work with a faculty-in-residence preferred. 3.25 sem. overall
Musical Theatre 15 Retama 1 BA in Theatre, BFATheatre - Acting; BFA Musical Theatre; BFA Theatre - Technical Production; BFA Theatre - All Level Teacher Cert.; BFA Theatre - Performance and Production. 2.5 sem. overall
Pre-Nursing 50 Sayers 2 Pre-Nursing 3.0 sem. overall
Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental 30 Tower 1 Any Science Major *Chemistry or Biology preferred 3.0 sem. overall
Psychology 32 Tower 1 Psychology 2.5 sem. overall
Residential College 190 Beretta and Brogdon 9 Any Major *Strong community builders and willingness to work with faculty-in-residence preferred. 2.5 sem. overall
Science Pipeline 12 Retama 1 Applied/Math, any Biology, Bio/Chemistry, Computer Science, any Engineering, Physics, Tech Mgmt. 2.5 sem. overall
Sound Recording Technology 15 Retama 1 Sound Recording Technology 2.5 sem. overall
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 100 Gaillardia 7 Applied/Math, any Biology, Bio/Chemistry, Computer Science, any Engineering, Physics, Tech Mgmt. 2.5 sem. Overall
Terry Scholars 22 Laurel 1 Any major. Be a current Terry Scholar. 3.25 sem. overall