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Apply to be an RA

“The best part of being an RA is getting the amazing opportunity to develop my leadership skills through communication with so many diverse personalities, management of my other responsibilities, and working with a team 24/7.”

 - Emily Hernandez, Beretta/Brogdon



You must meet all of the following qualifications in order to apply

  • 2.5 semester GPA in Fall 2018

  • 2.5 overall GPA 

  • 1 semester of on-campus living at time of appointment (by Fall 2019)

  • 15 hours of complete college credit at time of appointment (by Fall 2019)

Get a Reslife

The main responsibilities of the Resident Assistant (RA) position are community building, connecting residents to the university and each other, as well as assisting the residents in their personal and academic development.

The Department of Housing and Residential life has developed and created a residential curriculum, known as the Bobcat Residential Experience. The curriculum is intended to provide RAs the ability to have a structured approach for community members to establish a foundation for self-authorship, resilience, and global citizenship.

We hope you apply to become an RA.

Living on Campus Next Year?

If you intend to live on campus next year, regardless of accepting an RA position, you must go through the recontracting process. Candidates who become Resident Assistants will be re-assigned to an RA space.


Contact your RA, Residence Director, call 512.245.3705, or email

Becoming an RA has helped me in building my resume and has made it easier for me to get involved. I’ve been very shy and this is the perfect opportunity for getting me talking to more people and becoming comfortable in social situations.
-James Vela, Blanco Hall