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Off-Campus Housing Search

Off-Campus Living is dedicated to assisting students with their off-campus housing search! Please look through this page to see all the ways we assist students looking for their next home.

ACT Ally Property Listing

ACT (Achieving Community Together), Texas States partnership program with the City of San Marcos, promotes businesses on campus who engage in fair business practices with Texas State Students.  Off-Campus Living refers students only to members and affiliates of the ACT Ally program, as they have shown their dedication to creating a great community to live in.

Click here to learn more about ACT

Click here to view the ACT Ally property listing.

Off-Campus Outreach Events

Off-Campus Living hosts events such as the Off-Campus Housing Fair and Grab-n-Go, each featuring members and affiliates of our ACT Ally program.  Be sure to stop by and meet some of these businesses! Learn more at our Programs and Events page!