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On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Living

On-Campus Living

Texas State CampusAvoid Money Hassles

You'll avoid money hassles such as rent, utility bills, expensive trips to the  grocery store, chasing down your roommate for their half of the bills, etc.

Build Leadership Skills

Take advantage of activities and organizations, such as residence hall events, student government, intramural sports, and campus clubs.

Make College Life Easier

Enjoy being closer to classes, the Student Center, Alkek Library, computer labs, dining halls, the Student Rec Center, and on campus events.

Off-Campus Living

San Marcos RiverHave More Choices

Live with a friend, have friends over, have your significant other over, decorate however you want, have your own room, etc.

Get More Room for Less Money

You can get more square footage for either the same price or less than a dorm room. Remember, you'll be able to have your own room instead of sharing with one or more people as you would in a residence hall.

Some People Get More Schoolwork Done Living Off-Campus

There are fewer interruptions and you can actually study in your own room rather than being forced to find an outside place to study.

Acquire More Responsibility

Take care of bills, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.

Is Living Off-Campus Right for Me?These are questions that you need to ask yourself before you even start your search. If you answer "yes" more than "no," then you are probably prepared and realistic about the responsibilities of moving off-campus. If you answer "no" or "not sure," then you need to think about those questions, what moving off-campus means, and whether you are ready to make that next step.

Questions to ask yourself
Do I want more privacy?
Do I want to be more independent?
Am I okay with the chance that living off-campus can be isolating (especially if I do not have a roommate)?
Do I enjoy sharing personal space (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc) with others?
Am I prepared for the responsibilities that come with living off-campus (rent, utilities, insurance, etc)?
Do I have a budget and/or an idea of how much money I would need to spend monthly in order to live off-campus? Can I afford these responsibilities?
Do I have transportation (car, bus, bike, etc)?
Do I know what type of residence (apartment, duplex, etc) and what amenities (laundry, pool, etc) that I would need?
Do I know how to cook? Do I enjoy cooking?
Am I capable of communicating with roommates and neighbors to ensure a positive living environment?
Am I aware of the city codes and ordinances that apply to me?
Do I know what I am going to do between classes if it is not convenient to return home?
Am I okay with traveling back to campus for extracurricular activities and study sessions?