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Moving In

Move-In Costs:

The first month will be more expensive than others. Many properties require a security deposit and/or application fee. You may also need to pay for items such as electricity deposit or even furniture. It is very important to be prepared for the move in.


Move-In Condition Inventory Report:

Within 48 hours of the time you move into your apartment, you must complete an inventory form which lists the condition of the property. The report should be very detailed. For example, include the number of ice trays, nail holes or marks in walls, conditions of the floors, ceiling fixtures, appliances, etc. Using a checklist will be helpful during this process. Remember to make a copy to keep for yourself! Consider taking pictures and videotaping the apartment and noting the items - use a date/time stamp.


Things to Bring When You Move In:

Here are just a FEW of the things that can be easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of moving...

Things to Bring
dishes cups pots and pans utensils strainer can opener
timer pot holders oven mitt dish towels drying rack dishwashing soap
measuring untensils tin foil plastic wrap storage containers plastic bags tissues
paper towels napkins flour sugar salt and pepper baking soda
spices condiments non-stick spray toilet paper facial tissue toilet brush
bath mats & towels bath and hand soap toothpaste shampoo first aid kit soaps
disinfectants liquid cleaners mop broom vacuum cleaner sponges
rubber gloves light bulbs flashlight nails and screws hammer screwdriver
scissors pencil and notebook emergency cash folder for important documents envelopes laundry hamper

Remember to talk to your roommate(s) about what they are bringing prior to moving in so that you do not end up with a home full of duplicates!