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Hosting a Gathering

Hosting a Gathering
Pre-Event Checklist

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  • Set maximum music volume.
  • Set size of gathering and keep it inside.
  • Avoid advertising on social media to prevent unwanted guests.
  • Control the alcohol—It is the host’s job to make sure that NO ONE under 21 years of age is drinking whether the host provides the alcohol or others bring it with them to the gathering.
  • Select non-salty foods and non-alcoholic beverages to serve.
  • Have extra trash cans available.
  • Have sufficient restrooms available.
  • Have sufficient parking available.
  • Set an end time in advance taking your neighbors into consideration.
  • Secure areas/property you do not want people to access.
  • Look at your lease to know about any restrictions that apply to your apartment/residence.
  • Check with management about rules for gatherings in the common areas of apartment complexes and communities.

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Host Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that excessive noise (noise heard across a property line) is not produced from the gathering
  • Ensuring that alcoholic beverages provided or served to persons of legal age are controlled so alcoholic beverage laws are not violated.
  • Advising guests that streets and driveways cannot be blocked by vehicles or persons attending a gathering.
  • Preventing a gathering from becoming an unruly party.

As the host, watch your level of alcohol consumption since police will more than likely want to speak to you in the event of a complaint.


Monitor Your Gathering

  • Monitor the “house rules.”
  • Turn away persons who are not invited/wanted at a gathering. Opening a residence to unknown guests is an invitation to people who may steal from you.
  • Control the alcohol.
  • Keep the guests inside.
  • Check the noise level by stepping outside periodically.
  • Watch for intoxicated drivers and pedestrians and arrange for a safe ride home.


When To Take Action

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  • If you sense a problem, act immediately to correct it.
  • If you cannot manage the people at your gathering or it gets beyond your control, call the police yourself at 512-753-2108. The police officer will take into consideration that you were proactive in managing your gathering by reporting a problem. In case of emergency, call 911.
  • Talk to police and cooperate with instructions.


Clean Up Time

  • Make sure your yard and neighbor’s yards are clear of any trash, cups, etc.
  • Talk with neighbors to determine if they experienced any problems.