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ACT Ally Expectations

ACT Ally participants promote a healthy living environment through community awareness, responsibility, cooperation and good neighbor practices. The following are highlights of participant expectations:

  • Use marketing strategies, advertisements, webpage or social media postings that do not include excessive alcohol consumption or behavior disruptive to other tenants or neighbors.
  • Use promotional materials that do not infer alcohol consumption such as red cups, bottle openers, ping pong balls, shot glasses, alcohol logos, etc.
  • Prohibit alcohol furnished by management or staff at on-site gatherings and events.
  • Promote responsible alcohol consumption at an off-site event where alcohol is served and the event is sponsored by management (i.e., restaurants, bars).
  • Reply within three (3) business days to San Marcos Police Department noise violation notifications and take action as needed.
  • Take reasonable and prompt action to prevent or reduce disputes or conflicts.
  • Collaborate with ACT, Texas State, City officials, and/or the Central Texas Dispute Resolution Center to assist in handling conflicts or disputes that cannot be resolved between the property owner/manager and a tenant.
  • No pattern of unresolved complaints of unfair or inequitable business practices, including treatment of lease holders displaced by any delay in new construction or renovation resulting in a property not being ready for occupancy on an agreed upon date.
  • Receive a score of at least 80% compliance with an annual property crime prevention survey.