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Join for Fall 2017

Please read the following conditions of participating in a living-learning community carefully before submitting your agreement. Let us know if you have any questions. (

**Attention: this is not a housing contract. To submit your housing contract, visit this page. You must have submitted your housing contract before you can be assigned to a living-learning community.

Please select 1 (one) LLC from the list below. Please do not choose more than one. *
For students joining Residential College, please check the courses you will NOT be taking at Texas State (for students joining the Residential College LLC in Beretta and Brogdon only)

LLC Agreement

  1. I will live in the residence hall designated for my LLC.
    • I understand that the Department of Housing and Residential Life will automatically assign me to a room within that residence hall.
    • I understand that I will not participate in the roommate matching or room selection process
    • Exceptions:
      • Residential College students will be able to select their own room within the two residence halls designated for Residential College: Beretta or Brogdon.
      • Honors House students will be able to select their own room within Laurel hall.)
  2. I will live with a roommate who is also in my LLC.
    • Part of college is about getting to know new people from different backgrounds. Being roommates with someone who is also in the LLC is one of the benefits of the program and it enriches the community.
    • I understand that my requested roommate (if applicable) must also be admitted to the same LLC in order for us to become roommates. Requests are not guaranteed.
  3. I understand that the LLC program will automatically enroll me in academic courses designated for my LLC for the fall semester. (Some communities co-enroll students in a minimum of one course per semester, others co-enroll in more.)
    • Honors House students must take at least one Honors course per semester.
  4. I will register myself for academic courses designated for my LLC for the spring semester.
  5. I will participate in a total of 14 events outside of the classroom with my LLC.
    • Seven events in the fall semester and seven events in the spring semester.
    • This is an average of one clock hour every other week.
  6. I understand that if I change my major but want to remain in my assigned space, I will work with my resident assistant to find other ways to contribute to the LLC.
  7. I understand that joining the LLC is a one year commitment.
  8. I understand that misrepresenting my major, minor, or interests in order to gain assignment into a particular facility or with a specific roommate/suitemate is a violation of the Texas State University Honor Code and will result in disciplinary action via the student conduct process.

Do you already have a room assignment? *
If you already have a room assignment, do you give the LLC Program permission to change your room assignment to a room (and roommate) within your requested LLC?
I will take classes with my LLC. I will participate in activities with my LLC. I have read and agree to these 8 conditions of being in an LLC as a new student. *
I am asking to join an LLC for: