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General Information

Before deciding to join a living-learning community, make sure that you are willing to make a commitment to being an active participant. The more you put into your living-learning community (and college!) experience, the more you'll get out of it.

Additionally, understand that students in LLCs are roommates with other students who are in the same LLC.  If your roommate of choice will not be in your LLC, you can't be roommates. If your roommate choice is more important than your participation in an LLC, that's okay! But please do not request to join an LLC.

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The Process:

1. Thoroughly review the table below.

2. Submit your housing contract, housing pre-payment, and dining plan selection.

*If you have already submitted a housing contract and/or chosen a room, you may still join an LLC if you are willing to change your  assignment to an LLC hall/floor and if space is available. Contact us and we can assist you in making a change.)

3. After submitting your housing contract, complete the LLC Agreement. You must have submitted both a housing contract and an LLC agreement in order to be placed in an LLC.

4. Once we have received your LLC agreement, we will send you a letter detailing what comes next:

  • You may receive a letter asking you to meet additional requirements in order to join your LLC of choice. 
  • Depending on space availability, you may receive a letter notifying you that there is no room; or that we have placed you on a waiting list.
  • You may receive a letter welcoming you to your LLC.

5. We will be in contact with you throughout the months prior to New Student Orientation. Please check your e-mail frequently and respond as necessary. We're looking forward to meeting you!

The living-learning community room assignment process will correspond to the regular housing room assignments calendar.

LLC students are assigned to their LLC rooms on a rolling basis.

Room Assignments Calendar

Any contracts received after May 1, 2018 will be assigned to a room as available.

Living-Learning Community Requirements to Join LLC Deadline Additional Requirements
Acting Students majoring in Acting. open until full Must be accepted to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Acting program.
Business Students majoring in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing. open until full Admitted to McCoy College of Business Administration. First come, first serve.
Future Teachers Students majoring in Curriculum & Instruction or Interdisciplinary Studies, or students from any major who are seeking teacher certification. open until full None. First come, first serve.
Journalism/Mass Communication Students majoring in Advertising, Electronic Media, Journalism, Mass Communication, or Public Relations. open until full None. First come, first serve.
Laurel Honors House Any major. open until full Admitted to Honors College and enrolling in at least one Honors course per semester.
Musical Theatre Students majoring in Musical Theatre. open until full Must be accepted to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre program.
Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Any major. Preference for Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry majors. open until full Supplemental application including SAT/ACT scores.
Pre-Nursing Students who have declared a major in Nursing or Pre-Nursing. open until full None. First come, first serve.
Psychology Students majoring in Psychology. open until full First come, first serve.
Residential College Any major. open until full Preference for students who are transferring very few credits. First come, first serve.
Sound Recording Technology Students majoring in Sound Recording Technology. open until full Must be accepted to the School of Music/Sound Recording Technology program.
Science Pipeline 1. Students considering a major or minor in science, technology, engineering, or math. 2. Students who are eligible to receive assistance from Student Support Services. open until full Approved supplemental application for Student Support Services.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 1. Students majoring in Engineering (Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Manufacturing), Engineering Technology (Concrete Industry Management, Construction Science and Management, Technology Management), Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biochemistry. 2. Must be eligible to enroll in MATH 2417 (Pre-Calculus) or higher during the fall semester. 3. Have an ACT Math Score of 27+ or an SAT Math Score of 580+ open until full *The STEM LLC is not intended for biology, wildlife biology, aquatic biology, or microbiology majors or for students interested in the health professions.
Terry Scholars Any major. open until full Students who have accepted the Terry Scholarship.