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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

The STEM LLC is a dynamic community designed to increase the talent pool of future scientists and engineers and can support your academic success as a STEM major. 

Located in Sayers Hall the STEM LLC is open to students majoring in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biochemistry.

In order to take courses together, students accepted to the STEM LLC must have an ACT Math Score of 27+ or an SAT Math Score of 580+.

Fall Semester, 8 credit hours Spring Semester, 7 credit hours
Pre-Calculus, MATH 2417 OR Calculus, MATH 2471 Calculus, MATH 2471 OR Calculus II, MATH 2472
Ethics and Society, PHIL 1320 Fundamentals of Human Communication, COMM 1310
University Seminar, US 1100

STEM LLC 2016-2017

Peer mentoring, help with your STEM classes, STEM career exploration, volunteer service, and social events are part of the STEM LLC experience! Students in the STEM LLC participate in weekly study groups and STEM tutoring in the Collaborative Learning Center, Math Lab, and Computer Science Labs.

Student Spotlight: Elena Garcia

Elena is a Mathematics major from Schertz, Texas

How has the LLC helped you academically? I like being able to have classes together so that when I don't understand, other people can help me and vice versa.

What do you like about your LLC in general? I like how close we are. I came into the LLC last year and some of those people are probably going to be my friends forever.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Dr. Timothy Chase is my favorite because he's so enthusiastic, loves teaching, and is overall a great professor.

What is a fun fact about you? I started college at 16, so I'll be able to start my career earlier. I feel like being younger, the LLC has helped me keep my head on straight.

Student Spotlight: Andrew Hamline

Andrew is a physics major who was raised in Halim-up, Jeju, South Korea

How did the LLC help you transition from your hometown to Texas State? It gave me immediate connections with peers, study mentors, and professors.

What have you enjoyed about being in the STEM LLC? My favorite social part has been going to dinner at Harris dining hall with people from the community every night. Also, I like being around people that have similar academic interests and can debate controversial scientific theories.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Dr. Jason Juett, because I love calculus, his teaching method caters to my learning style and pace, and he’s got a good balance of wit and knowledge.

STEM LLC Advisor: Dr. Elmar Bergeler

Dr. Elmar Bergeler is a lecturer in the Department of Physics. He studied physics and mathematics in Germany, including a semester abroad in Kenya. He wanted to live in a sunny place, so he moved to Austin, Texas and worked for a tech company. Now teaching physics at Texas State, Dr. Bergeler also makes a lot of music!

Out of Class Activities

fall 2017 STEM students

Recent activities for STEM LLC students:

  • Visiting Texas State’s STEM Job Fair
  • "Meet the Professor Night" with faculty from the College of Science and Engineering
  • "Thursdays with Dr. B." --- enjoy a snack with your LLC advisor
  • Day trip to Enchanted Rock State Park
  • GOAL Course at University Camp in Wimberley
  • Pumpkin painting, "the LLC Hunger Games," comedy show night, and ice cream socials

Alumni Comments about the STEM LLC

stem llc picture


"The Learning Community enabled me to make connections with people in the College of Science and Engineering who support me academically, which I may not have found elsewhere."

Ryan DeElena, Applied Mathematics major (STEM LLC 2013-2014)