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2013-14 Psychology LLC group
2013-14 Psychology LLC

Located in Tower hall, this living-learning community is open to students majoring in Psychology. Students will take one class per semester selected from the list of undergraduate courses in Psychology:


Fall Semester: PSY 1300- Introduction to Psychology. A survey of the major principles derived from research on human and animal behavior. Topics studied include learning, thinking, motivation, emotion, personality, the senses, perception, and the form and functions of the nervous system.


US 1100, University Seminar. A one-credit hour course designed to help meet student's transitional needs. The course encourages reflection upon the value and nature of a university education, as well as helping students to develop strategies for life-long learning.

Spring Semester: PSY 3300- Lifespan Development. A survey of the psychology of human development from the pre-natal period through adulthood. Emphasis is placed on cognitive, motivational, and physiological processes of development in childhood and adolescence.


PSY 3322- Brain and Behavior. This course covers research findings and theoretical concepts concerned with the physiological, anatomical, and pharmacological bases of behavior. Topics include sensory systems, the physiological mechanisms of motivation, and the physiological correlates of associate processes such as learning.

Student Spotlight

Name: MiriamTapia Cervantes

Hometown: Houston

Major: Psychology

Miriam is very involved in the Psychology Learning Community and the Psychology Department as well. She works in Dr. Graham's neuropsychology lab. In the lab, she conducts experiments measuring brainwaves and how they respond to different stimuli. Miriam plans on pursuing a PhD after graduation in 2018.

"One of the things I appreciate about the psychology learning community is the many professors we get to meet. I truly believe that joining the psychology learning community has made me more knowledgeable about my career goals and how to achieve them."

MIriam Tapia Cervantes



Katie Stebbins

Name: Katie Stebbins

Hometown: Houston

Major: Psychology

What do you like about your LLC?

"I like that it builds a community. Everyone is taking most of the same classes, so I have friends in my classes."

What do you like about taking class with your hallmates?

"Before every psychology test, a group of us get together and study. It's really nice to learn from each other and grow together. I know that some of these people will be lifelong friends."

Who is your favorite professor and why?

"Professor Tina Villarreal is my favorite because she isn't afraid to bring up controversial topics and have us discuss them as a class. I think sociology has been my favorite course this semester."

Cookies with Dr. Ogletree
Cookies with Dr. Ogletree

LLC Advisor

Dr. Shirley OgletreeDr. Shirley Ogletree is the advisor for the Psycholoy LLC (UAC 273, 512-245-3156).

Dr. Ogletree enjoys watching the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert, listening to music at  Gruene Hall, and traveling. In the last five years she has been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Douro Valley in Portugal, and Machu Picchu in Peru. She has two children, both of whom have attended Texas State.

 My favorite things about working with undergraduates are getting to know them, having the  opportunity to learn about current youth culture from them, and  hopefully facilitating in  small ways their personal and career-related growth.

Out of Class Events

PSY LLC at Bobcat Build
making a difference at Bobcat Build

Past activities include trips to local and state mental health Psychology LLC iconfacilities, internship advice, midnight river float, suicide prevention training, the social psychology of relationships, academic advising, faculty meet and greet, how we choose our mates, social psychology and rumor transmission, facts about cognitive psychology,  music therapy, sports psychology, male body image, weekly study sessions, weekly dinner at Commons dining hall, and the ropes course at University Camp. The LLC participates in Bobcat Build every spring.

The Psychology LLC has enjoyed a long-standing traditon of support from faculty from the Department of Psychology. Professors and lecturers who have recently spent time with the LLC during out of class events incude Dr. Catherine Bitney, Dr. Natalie Ceballos, Mrs. Marilyn Gibbons-Arhelger, Dr. Amy Meeks, and Dr. Shirley Ogletree. Dr. William Kelemen, Chair of the Department, regularly ensures that students in the  LLC have the opportunity to co-enroll in a course together.  

Alumni Comments about the Psychology LLC

Being in the Psychology Learning Community my freshman year had a huge impact in the beginning of my college career and experience. Not only did the program help with the exploration of what the Psychology program here at Texas State has but it also gave me lifelong friendships. The many events in which our RA setup for us were helpful and downright fun to attend. I believe that living with the people who are going to be in your classes until you graduate gives an extra boost in a student’s social and academic standing. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to be a part of the Learning Community and I encourage other students to take advantage of this life changing resource. Amanda Dortman (Psychology and Social Work double major, Psychology LLC 2013-14).

The Psychology LC was such a great experience and I would recommend it to any incoming freshman. The mandatory study sessions helped motivate me to study and the members of the LC have become some of my best friends at Texas State and we still take classes together. Vince Padilla Psychology major, Psychology LLC 2013-14).

To Join

1. Review the table below and this page.

2. Submit a co-curricular living agreement. Please read it thoroughly and let us know if you have questions.

Community Requirements to Join Deadline Additional Requirements
Psychology Students majoring in Psychology open until full None. First come, first serve.