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Located in Tower Hall, this LLC is open to students planning on going to medical or dental school. A supplemental application is required and it will be sent to you upon receipt of your co-curricular participation agreement. Students enroll in the following courses together:

Fall: US1100, BIO 1330 (Functional Biology), BIO 1130 Lab (Functional Biology Lab), CHEM 1141 (General Chemistry | Lab), CHEM 1341 (General Chemistry I)

Spring: BIO 1331 (Organismal Biology), BIO 1131 (Organismal Biology Lab), CHEM 1142 (General Chemistry II Lab), CHEM 1342 (General Chemistry II)

Marilyn Banta

Dr. Marilyn Banta is a senior lecturer in the Department of Biology and advisor for the Pre-Med/Pre-Dental LLC. (Supple 346, 512.245.3367).

Dr. Banta is one of several pre-health advisors on campus that assist Texas State students who are planning to apply to health-related professional programs like medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, vet, or PA school. She has been the advisor for the Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Learning Community since its inception in 2009 and loves working with this highly motivated and hard-working group of LC students .

Dr. Banta is proud to be an army brat and that she has lived in 13 different states. In 2008, she and her husband moved to San Marcos and this marked the fourth time she has lived in the state of Texas. Other Texas homes have been Mineral Wells, El Paso, and College Station. When she is not advising pre-health students or teaching biology courses, Dr. Banta is busy being a mom to her daughter Natalie. She volunteers at the Hays County Animal Shelter and serves as the president of the PTO at her daughter’s elementary school.

2010-2011 PMPD LLC
      students from the 2010-11 LLC 

Sarah MarshStudent Spotlight

Name: Sarah Marsh   Hometown: Graham, Texas
Major: Biology 


The learning community has provided me with the opportunity to meet new people I might have never been friends with and they are all very helpful and very sweet.  Having a PreMed/PreDent resident assistant is also awesome because she helps us with anything from homework to figuring out where you should be headed because she's been there before.

Past events include "Meet the Professor," job shadowing, "Science Jeopardy," "Capture  the Flag in the Quad," midnight river floats, academic advising, CPR certification, student organization meetings (Medical Explorers and Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Society), GOAL challenge course at University Camp, "Fahrenheight 911," resume building, "Diversity Jelly Beans," "Family Dinner with Dr. Banta," "How to Prepare for Medical School," STEM Job Fair and Health Professions Job Fair sponsored by Career Services, "Why Go to Dental School presentation," and weekly study groups.

The pre-medical/pre-dental living-learning community traditionally participates in a site visit every year. These have included:

  • Texas A&M Health Science Center, Temple, Texas
  • Institute for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety, Temple University School of Medicine
  • Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas
  • Army Burn Center, Department of Defense, San Antonio Military Medical Center
  • Center for the Intrepid, Brooke Army Medical Center
  • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School

Alumni Comments about the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental LLC

The learning community allowed me to start college off with a firm base. The people who I lived with also went to my classes with me which aided in my success during my freshman year. Cassie Deardorff (Chemistry major,  Pre-Med/Pre-Dent LLC 2011-12)

I enjoyed the friendships I was able to make. I liked that we all had similar schedules and we were able to help each other understand concepts. When we had homework we did not understand, we put our minds together and we were able to figure things out: what one person lacked the other one had and we just filled in and worked great together. My favorite part was the girls I was roomed with, we became great friends, we still take classes together and hang out, we stay in contact. I am glad I was able to be in the pre-med/pre-dent LLC. I believe if it was not for them I might have taken a different route. The LLC was a support system that helped me keep on going with my major when it was the most difficult for me. I couldn't have made a better choice. D. Evelyn Ibarra (Biology major, Pre-Med/Pre-Dent LLC 2014-15)

study group
GOAL Course at University Camp
simulation lab tour
pre-med/dent group picture
CPR certification program
trip to Brook Army Medical Center 2016
group picture with Dr. Banta 2015
early years group picture at Smith hall