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Science Pipeline (for STEM majors)

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Through a Student Support Services grant, Science Pipeline will provide academic assistance (to those who qualify) to students who will pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

Beginning in fall of 2017, Science Pipeline will be located in Retama hall.


Science Pipeline students will also take a few courses together, see below.

Science Pipeline students will participate in academic coaching, goal setting, one-on-one tutoring, cultural trips, and they will focus on succeeding in preparatory science courses. Science Pipeline students will be led by a Resident Assistant (RA) who is also a STEM major.

Student Support Services students and Science Pipeline students have access to college success workshops and seminars, a computer lab, quiet study areas, a calculator loan program, and an on-line financial literacy program.

Biology and Biochemistry majors (fall semester):

  • Biology 1330/1130
  • Chemistry 1341/1141 or Math 1315
  • University Seminar

Biology and Biochemistry majors (spring semester):

  • Biology 1331/1131
  • Chemistry 1342/1142 or Math 1315
  • Philosophy 1320

Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, or Math majors (fall semester):

  • Math 2471 or Math 2417
  • Chemistry 1341/1141
  • University Seminar

Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, or Math majors (spring semester):

  • Math 2472 or Math 2471
  • Chemistry 1342/1142
  • Philosophy 1320

Meet Science Pipeline Advisor, Danielle Brisby

I am an alumni of Texas State University. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in social work. I aspire to help educate, encourage and inspire students who come from very diverse backgrounds to overcome adversity and strive for success. During my free time I love to read, write, and do research. I absolutely love what I do! My favorite thing is building relationships with my students and watching them grow! I have the privilege of witnessing future doctors, mathematicians, engineers, and researchers become who they said they wanted to be when they grew up. It’s pretty awesome!

I really admire the people involved in the LLC who have been role models for me in my first year of college. Logan Tyler Lorimer, Richardson (Construction Science and Management)

Being in this LLC has allowed me to meet great friends and create lasting relationships. Heather Hansen, Dallas (Biology)

I love the people who are in the LLC, and I have been able to access a lot of resources that have helped me in college. Nicholas Medrano, Smithville (Undecided)

Scholarship Available to Science Pipeline Students

  1. Applicant must submit an application to participate in the Texas State University Student Support Services STEM Program/ Science Pipeline and be approved for participation.
  2. Applicant must be eligible for a federal Pell Grant and be receiving the Pell Grant the semester in which they are applying for the scholarship.

Receiving funding is contingent upon the student’s level and quality of participation in Student Support Services STEM/ Science Pipeline activities during the fall semester, completion of these activities prior to or by the stated deadline, the quality of the required essay, and the stated use of the scholarship funding.

Once students begin participating in Student Support Services STEM and meet with their Student Support Services STEM Success Coach at the beginning of their first fall semester, they are eligible to apply. Application materials will be provided by their success coach.

Apply for Student Support ServicesSTEM,Science Pipeline here.