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Future Teachers

Future Teachers 2012-2013

Future Teachers LLC groupThis living-learning community is open to students majoring in Curriculum and Instruction, Interdisciplinary Studies, or students from any major who are seeking teacher certification. Beginning in fall 2017, Future Teachers will live in Falls hall.  Students co-enroll in courses selected from the general education core curriculum:

Fall semester: University Seminar 1100, Communications 1310, Political Science 2310


Spring semester: Philosophy 1320, History 1310, Political Science 2320

Student Spotlight

Aggie Moreno

Name: Aggie Moreno 

Future Teachers '15-'16

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Major: Elementary Education

Her favorite thing about the Future Teachers living-learning community is that everyone has been supportive and nice. Currently, her favorite professor is Ms. Perna, her English professor because of her passion and pride in the teaching profession and her encouraging personality.

LLC Advisor

Teresa ZappTeresa Zapp, Senior Lecturer in the department of Curriculum and Instruction, is advisor for this LLC. Ms. Zapp is a huge yoga nerd! She is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and she gets up every morning at 4:30 to practice. She is also an artist, loves all types of music, and enjoys dancing.

The Future Teachers LLC is a vibrant group of students filled with passion for and questions about their chosen field. Their sharp minds and quick wit keep me on my toes and make me smile every time I attend a meeting or special event with them. If these young people represent the future of education in Texas, were going to be just fine.

(ED 3045, 512-245-7727).

Out of Class Events


 Bus to University CampFuture Teachers LLC iconPast activities in the Future Teachers LLC include the ropes course at University Camp in Wimberly, volunteering at local elementary schools, attending the Teacher Job Fair sponsored by the Career Services office (for the past two years the Future Teachers LLC has hosted hiring managers from a variety of school districts on the night prior to the job fair), special events with Ms. Zapp, interview advice, study groups, and social events.

Alumni Comments about the Future Teachers LLC

Being in the learning community was a life changing experience, I met some of my best friends and it has definitely helped me get through a rough transition freshman year. Being in the same classes and living with my learning community peers helped me in and out of the classroom. Haley Hernandez (Exercise Sports Science/ all-level PE major, Future Teachers LLC 2012-13)

Two years later and I'm still best friends with the people I met in the learning community. We are still taking classes together and helping each other out just like freshman year. Hannah Wolf (Curriculum and Instruction major EC-6 generalist, Future Teachers LLC 2012-13).

Being a part of the FTLC my freshman year was the best decision I could have made. I was able to excel in my studies due to us having some classes together, and I formed strong friendships with many of them as well. Some of them are still my very best friends today! It was so much fun all year long, and I would do it all over again if I could. Erin Koehn, Family & Child Development major, Future Teachers LLC 2012-13.

To Join

Review the table below and this page.

Community Requirements to Join Deadline Additional Requirements
Future Teachers Students majoring in Curriculum & Instruction or Interdisciplinary Studies, or students from any major who are seeking teacher certification. open until full None. First come, first serve.

Elizabeth Falls Scholarship

The Elizabeth Falls Scholarship was established by the Department of Housing and Residential Life in 2011 to honor the memory of Elizabeth Falls, a member of the original faculty at Southwest Texas State Normal School. In 2011 the original residence hall which bore her name was demolished to make way for the new Performing Arts Center; a new Falls Hall is now located on the western edge of the campus.

This scholarship is intended to support a residence hall student who intends to enter the teaching profession upon graduation from Texas State University. Additional consideration is given to students who are residing in the Future Teachers Living-Learning Community.