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Living-Learning Communities

Honors house students in front of Laurel hall

Laurel Honors House

Business students at McCoys corporate headquarters


Science Pipeline LC students in front of Theatre building

Science Pipeline

Terry Scholars students in front of Laurel hall

Terry Scholars

STEM students at Falls/Sayers courtyard

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

psychology students in front of tree at Commons courtyard


Journalism students

Journalism and Mass Communication

group picture of Future Teachers students

Future Teachers

Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental selfie at University Camp


For Every Bobcat, Community for Life

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students living together in the same residence hall based on a common interest, professional career track, or major. These groups of students take one or more classes together and they participate in out-of-class experiences led by successful upperclassmen.

If you want something more out of your freshman year experience, consider a living-learning community!

Why would I join?

  1. On average, students who participate in LLCs have higher GPAs and greater likelihood of returning to Texas State for a second year.
  2. A more satisfying residential experience.
  3. Access to many special resources, programs, and activities. These include site visits, social and educational events, and reserved space in academic courses.
  4. Enjoy meaningful and more frequent interactions with faculty.
  5. Live with students who share your classes, major, or interest!

How do I join?

1. Submit your housing contract. (If you already have a room assignment you may still join an LLC if space is available. Contact us to make a change.)

2. Complete the LLC Agreement. (You must have submitted both a housing contract and an LLC agreement in order to be placed in an LLC.)

3. We will send you a letter about your status as well as information on additional requirements to join, if your living-learning community of choice has any.

4. Please check your e-mail frequently and respond as necessary.