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Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission Statement

The Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) provides welcoming living communities that foster academic success, campus engagement, and personal development.

Vision Statement

Developing a community atmosphere for our residents is at the heart of everything we do.


We use the following values as our guiding principles and standards:


We aspire to build trust with community members through communication, honesty, respect and responsibility; these principles are essential to developing successful relationships with our students, faculty, and fellow staff members.


We are a strong community made up of diverse individuals committed to one another to create ongoing success. As a community, we join forces with faculty, staff and students to impact the outcome of our community’s future so everyone has a sense of belonging, opportunity and hope. We strive to provide all community members equal access to resources, services and programs.


We are a community of learners. Education is a combination of acts and experiences that have a formative effect on the development of our mind and character. Whether in academic or professional settings or in the everyday experiences we have while interacting with others, education is essential to our development as leaders.


We work enthusiastically to build mutually beneficial relationships within the University and the surrounding communities by encouraging open communication and stakeholder feedback.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are a self-supporting university enterprise funded solely through room revenues. Fiscal responsibility and good stewardship are crucial to assure adequate funding of our programs and facilities—both existing and anticipated.  We are committed to ethical and value-driven decisions essential to providing our students with quality staff, programs, facilities and services, while maintaining the lowest possible rates.    


  • Continuously evaluate and improve facilities.
  • Develop communities that are safe, supportive and diverse.
  • Create environments that foster the success of students.
  • Actively support the staff who live and work in university housing.
  • Effectively manage the resources and operations of the department.