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The Department of Housing and Residential Life is committed to hiring student staff and professional employees that are dedicated to student success. We offer a fun, academic-centered environment where each staff member has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students. For more information about joining our team, search the links below.

Professional Opportunities

The Department of Housing and Residential Life is always looking for experienced, enthusiastic professionals to fill roles in Student Life, Administrative Services and Facilities. Current positions are posted with Human Resources. Please visit their Web site for a complete listing.

Resident Director Description

Student Staff Opportunities

The department hires student assistants to help facilitate daily operations, assist students within the halls and help maintain the facilities. We offer a flexible work environment where your academic success takes priority.

Desk Assistant (Download Job Description)

The typical responsibilities of a Desk Assistant include tasks such as: greeting guests and residents to hall, sorting mail, answering the phone and checking out equipment to residents. Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings. 

Night Cat Desk Assistant (Download Job Description)

The typical responsibilities of a Night Cat Desk Assistant include tasks such as: Answering the phone and relaying information to Resident Assistants who are on call with resident concerns and issues, greet guest and residents who enter the hall, keep call logs up to date during 10pm - 10am.Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings.

Mailroom Assistant (Download Job Description)

The Mailroom Assistant is responsible receiving and distributing mail and packages to hall residents or to the proper address. Working on most weekends somewhere between 10am-10pm spread between Chautauqua/Gaillardia Halls, Falls/Sayers Halls, and San Gabriel/Angelina Halls.Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings. 

Resource Room Assistant (Download Job Description)

The Resource Room Assistant is responsible maintaining and supervision of the Resource Room and the people who enter it. Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings. 

DHRL Student Desk Assistant

Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings. The Student Desk Assistant is a student staff member of Housing and Residential Life who will assist with everyday tasks within the department.

Student Graphic Designer

Visit Jobs4Cats for current openings. The Student Graphic Designer is responsible for designing posters, logos, shirts, banners, flyers, brochures and other graphics. 

Resident Assistant (RA)

Summer Conference Assistant (CA)