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In Progress

Retama Residence Hall Renovations

Programmer: Facility Programming & Consulting    
Architect: KSQ Architects
Total Project Cost (DD): $10,937,378
Total Project Cost (CIP): $9,026,199    
Contractor CM@R: Flynn Construction
Design Development Approval: February 2016 (Projected)
GMP Approval: May 2016 (Projected)
Construction Start: June 2016 (Projected)
Construction Completion: July 2017 (Projected)
Occupancy: August 2017 (Projected)

Facility Programming & Consulting completed the program for the Retama Hall Renovations program, estimated at $9 million, in April 2015. KSQ Architects was selected to provide AE services and Flynn Construction was selected as the CMR. The project was approved by the Board of Regents in February 2016. The building will be gutted leaving in place the structural framing and the exterior skin.

Status: Construction commenced in May 2016 when the hall was empty and substantial completion is anticipated by summer 2017. The renovations include new windows, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEP), data lines, security, and fire protection systems. A new elevator will also be installed.

Next Milestone: Demolition to be completed by the end of September 2016.

In Programming

Blanco Hall Renovations

Programmer: Facility Programming & Consulting 
CIP Cost: $28,000,000

The Blanco Residence Hall was constructed in 1987 and has been continuously occupied for student housing. The original building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure has never been replaced or updated. 

Status: Facility Programming & Consulting completed the program for the Blanco Residence Hall Renovations. The current TPC is estimated to be $47.3 million. The scope of renovations and improvements includes: upgrades of the building utilities infrastructure as well as upgrading the fire protection systems; updating the restrooms; minor modifications to the bedrooms; upgrading the community living rooms; repairing/enhancing the exterior; and improving the main entry area. 

Next Milestone: This project will likely be undertaken in phases over a period of several years.

Hilltop Complex

Programmer: Facility Programming & Consulting
CIP Cost: $132,252,870

Existing residence halls, including Arnold, Burleson, Hornsby, and Smith, will be demolished and replaced with a new complex of residence halls with 1,200 beds. 

Status: The Hilltop Residence Hall Complex project includes the demolition of the existing residence halls (Arnold, Burleson, Hornsby, and Smith) and construction of a new complex with a total of about 1,200 beds.  Facility Programming & Consulting (FP&C) completed the program in November 2015. The current TPC is estimated to be approximately $132 million, and the project is on the CIP at a TPC of $152 million. The FP&C programmers developed options that result in lower total project costs. 

As part of the Campus Master Plan update, the SmithGroupJJR team will assess options for the best placement of the replacement housing to be demolished on the current Hilltop site.


Angelina and San Gabriel Halls

Moore Street Housing

Programmer: Facility Programming & Consulting
Architect: SHW/Treanor Architects
Total Project Cost (DD): $59,834,337
Contractor CM@R: Spaw Glass Construction
Design Development Approval: April 2014
GMP Approval: June 2014 ($45,837,597)
Construction Start: August 2014
Construction Completion: May 2016 
Occupancy: August 2016 

The Moore Street Housing project is a 190,947 square foot, 598-bed project that will consist of two residence halls and a connecting community building. The location of the Moore Street Housing project required the demolition of San Saba Hall, Canyon Hall and the West Maintenance buildings. Extension of the site utility infrastructure is a part of this project. The program prepared by Facility Programming & Consulting was approved and submitted to the System office in July 2013. The DD documents were approved in April 2014. SpawGlass Construction as the CM@R prepared the GMP which was approved in June 2014.

Status: The Moore Street Housing project is a 598-bed facility, consisting of two residence halls and a connecting community building. The project is within the CMR’s GMP of $45.8 million and is anticipated to be completed slightly ahead by late May/early June 2016. Construction is about 75 percent complete and work activities in the next three months include: exterior façade materials, roofing, interior MEP, interior framing and sheetrock installation; and road work. The public art has been delayed and will not open with the project.