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Moving Out

You think moving out is easy…well; here are some things to think about. First, if you are planning on moving out, make sure you give your landlord the required notice. See the right side of the page for some other tips and ways you can ensure you get your deposit back.

Moving Out Checklist

moving van

  • Make sure you know when your lease ends. Make sure you also know what date you must move out or what date you must renew your lease if you decide to stay. If you do not renew your lease by the landlord’s “deadline,” the landlord may rent your apartment to someone else.
  • Make sure to deliver a notice to vacate letter to the landlord within the required time stated in your lease.
  • As what is required of you upon leaving the apartment. Do you need to have the carpet cleaned?
  • Begin preparing to move out 30 days before you need to vacate.

Notice to Vacate Letter

Items You Will Need
- boxes
- packing material (newspaper or plastic wrap)
- tape
- twine
- blankets
- plastic bins
- dolly
- cleaning supplies
- vacuum, steam cleaner, broom, and spackle.

Tips to Help Ease the Moving Process

  • Can you move all of your belongings yourself or do you need to rent a truck?  If you are renting a van/truck, make sure you call amoving truckhead and reserve the vehicle. Many people will be moving out at the same time as you! 
  • If you want to hire a mover, make sure you check around for the best price. Ask friends or family, and check references.
  • Pick a day to move and ask friend or family to help. Free lunch/ dinner is a great incentive!


Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

  • Take picture or a video of your empty apartment when you have moved all of your belongings out.
  • Ask your landlord or apartment manager to complete a walk-through with you.
  • Discuss any damages or issues that might have with returning your deposit. Try to plan this walk-through for a day or two before you are expected to vacate the rental. This give you time to fix damages.


  • If you have fulfilled all of the conditions for the return of your deposit, the manager is required to refund your security deposit and/or to provide you with a written, itemized list of any deductions within 30 days after you vacate or 30 days after they have received your forwarding address (whichever comes later).
  • If you do not agree with the property owner’s deductions, discuss the issue with  him/her. If the discrepancy is still unresolved, you may want to contact the Attorney for Students Office for further options. The requirements for the return of your deposit are outlined in your lease or in the security deposit agreement.
  • When you move out, completely and thoroughly clean the rental.
  • Some landlords provide a checklist outlining the cleaning they expect you to do. Keep all receipts for cleaning supplies and steam cleaner rentals as evidence.
  •   Complete a move-out checklist and make sure the landlord signs and dates it.
  • Use an impartial witness if the landlord is not available or refuses your request for a walk-through.
  • Ask your landlord/apartment manager for the specific date you will receive your deposit.
  • Make sure your landlord/apartment manager has your new mailing address and phone number.
  • Your phone number will be handy if they have any questions and they can’t send your deposit back if they don’t have your new address!