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Achieving Community Together (ACT)

ACT is a collaborative effort between Texas State University and the City of San Marcos to reduce common sources of conflict in a university town: noise, parking, trash and the upkeep of rental property.

ACT Ally

ACT Ally is a program of ACT and the Department of Housing and Residential Life. Through ACT Ally, innovative approaches are used to address quality of life issues along with roommate disputes, landlord disputes, maintenance concerns and leasing issues.



Are you a student or parent looking for off-campus housing? ACT Ally is the answer.

ACT Ally connects students to the rental housing housing industry through participants who promote a healthy living environment and demonstrate fair and equitable business practices. ACT Ally participants are select to help students and parents make informed decisions when choosing off-campus housing. In addition, each yeah a peace officer performs a crime prevention survey at participating properties checking the quality of doors, locks, windows, plus the lightning and grounds maintenance.

For a list of participants, go to our Members and Affiliates page.

Looking to sign up for ACT Ally 2015-2016?

The benefits of ACT Ally include campus and community presence. ACT Ally is an effective marketing tool, in an increasingly competitive market, for owners, managers, product and service providers who give a commitment to quality.

To learn more, visit our Member/Affiliate Resource page.



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