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Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living



The Staff at Off-Campus Living is here to promote beneficial programs, provide resources, and initiate innovative services to meet the needs of our off-campus population, as well as assist our on-campus students as they move into a new community.  

Our programs and services Include:

  • Assistance with finding and securing off-campus housing
  • Individual appointments available
  • Understanding leasing and the obligations of signing a contract
  • The Off-Campus Housing Fair
  • Weekly Chat 'N' Chews! A chance for students to connect with Off-Campus Living and Off-Campus businesses
  • Off-Campus Living Interest sessions, which are presented in various residence halls during the academic year.  


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I'm looking for Information on Off-Campus Housing: Click here for an ACT Ally-At-A-Glance.

Ally-At-A-Glance is a list of the current 2017-2018 ACT Ally participants. For links to participants and their websites, see list of apartments and service providers.

For more information about ACT Ally click here.

Click here to view a larger and downloadable version.

ACT Ally-At-A-Glance Grid

ACT Ally-At-A-Glance Map

Guide to Living Off Campus - Published every spring, this guide is your complete resource for finding a place to live, signing a lease, solving roommate conflicts, and transitioning to off-campus living. Click here to view the guide!

Other Housing Resources for students

I'm looking for Information about Parking and Transportation to Campus.

There's a variety of options to get to Texas State!  Here are some tips on the most common forms of transportation to campus.

Bike to Campus

Bike racks are located around campus to securely park bicycles. To prevent theft students should purchase a lock for their bicycle. Additionally UPD offers bicycle registration. Tips:

  • Safety FIRST! Be safe, learn the route and how traffic flows. Pick routes that are safest when encountering motor vehicles.
  • Secure your bicycle
  • Arrive early on the first day of class
  • For more safety information visit the University Police Department
  • Need help with repairs? looking for parts? Check out the Bike Cave! Your student Bike Cooperative.

Commuter Parking

Most students commuting to campus will park in a commuter parking lot and then ride one of the shuttles onto campus. Commuter parking lots are located around the perimeter of campus. All university lots require a commuter parking permit.  Tips:

  • Before school begins plan your route and determine which is the closest and quickest.
  • Have alternate parking lots in case one is full.
  • Look up the shuttle bus schedule for the stops near or on the parking lot.
  • On the first day of school arrive at your chosen lot well before class begins - an hour before is recommended.
  • Remember San Marcos has trains, expect the unexpected and delays.
  • Parking Services - click here to register your vehicle and learn about parking locations for commuters.

University/City Shuttle Bus

In addition to providing transportation from commuter parking lots, the university shuttle buses also cover a majority of the apartment complexes within the city of San Marcos. Remember you pay for these buses and your student fees so there is not any charge at the time you ride. Be sure to ask about if a property is on a commuter shuttle route when looking for a place to live.

The Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) can provide assistance for travel between Austin and San Marcos.  

I'm looking for Information on Commuter Meal Plans.

Texas State University offers many options for eating on campus. Commuters are able to purchase meal plans that can be used across campus.

I'm looking for Information on Getting Involved on Campus.

Texas State has a wealth of involvement opportunities for students looking to create an exceptional college experience. Below are just a few links to get your started in finding a place to get involved!

Off-Campus Living - Department of Housing and Residential Life 

512.245.5595 -