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Cancellation Prior to Occupancy

The housing contract is legally binding for the entire academic year. Exceptions may be granted in extreme circumstances such as withdrawal from the university, graduation or student teaching. Incoming students who choose not to attend Texas State after having submitted a contract should also complete this form. Once the contract is signed, the Student has 72 hours to cancel without penalty. After 72 hours, restrictions will apply and requests will be reviewed but cannot be guaranteed. Please click on the reason for your request below to review important information and requirements regarding your request. Please note that cancellation requests for any reason except withdraw/no longer enrolled and cancelling within 72 hours may take up to three (3) weeks to process.  The length of the review process depends on for which reason you are cancelling and the volume of previously submitted cancellation requests.

Cancellation Deadlines and Refunds

Acceptable reasons to submit a cancellation prior to occupancy:

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Canceling Within 72 Hours

Students are allowed to cancel a housing contract within 72 hours of contract submission regardless of the reason. Please provide the following:

Commuting from the Home of Your Parent/Legal Guardian

Students are allowed to commute from the permanent residence of a parent (or legal guardian) if that home is located within 60 miles (driving distance) of Texas State University-San Marcos. This type of request will only be considered prior to occupancy. Once the academic year begins andor the student has occupied the space, this type of request will be returned. If you would like to request an exmeption based on commuting, you must provide the following:

  • A completed Request for an Exemption/Cancellation form Fall 2014/Spring 2015.
  • Copy of your birth certificate (or legal guardian's custody order)
  • Copies of the driver's licenses for you and your parent (or legal guardian). The addresses must match.

Documented Disability or Medical Condition

If the student is claiming a disability or medical condition as the reason for a cancellation, Housing and Residential Life will need to determine if the student’s stated accommodation can be met in any of the University’s residence halls or apartments. The department will review submitted information with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and/or the Student Health Center to determine if the stated needs can be met. The following requirements must be submitted in order for this type of request to be considered:

Medical-Based Requests

  • A completed Request for an Exemption/Cancellation form Fall 2014/Spring 2015.
  • A detailed explanation of the student's need.
  • Documents, in the form of doctor’s case notes, from the student’s medical provider must be supplied. (for medical-based requests)
  • Registration with ODS. (for disability-based requests)

Documented Financial Need

Students requesting a cancellation based on financial need must show proof of the need and that their financial situation has changed since the submission of the housing contract.  If you would like to request an exmeption based on financial need, you must provide the following:

  • A completed Request for an Exemption/Cancellation form Fall 2014/Spring 2015.
  • A completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
    • All awards must be accepted. Simply refusing an award (for example, a loan) is not a valid reason for a contract cancellation. 
  • A detailed explanation indicating your need and how your financial situation has changed since you submitted the housing contract.


No Longer Enrolling for Fall 2014/Spring 2015

Students who decide not to enroll for the fall 2014/spring 2015 academic year after signing a housing contract for that term can cancel their housing contract. If you are no longer attending Texas State for Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015, please submit the following:

IMPORTANT: If you cancel your contract, then later decide to enroll, you will be required to live on campus.

Married and/or Parent

Students who are married or have children are allowed to cancel their housing contract in order to better accommodate their living situation. If you become legally married or have a child and you would like to cancel your contract for housing to due this change, please submit the required documents below.

  • A completed Request for an Exemption/Cancellation form Fall 2014/Spring 2015.
  • Copy of filed marriage certificate (for marriage-based requests only).
  • Copy of child's birth certificate (for parent-based requests).

Internship or Student Teaching Opportunity

Students who plan to be away from San Marcos participating in a University-sponsored internship or student teaching position can choose to cancel their housing contract. If you have a position that prohibits you from being able to live on campus, please submit the following: